Awake – word of the week

After last week’s word of the week – shattered – I’m pleased to say that this week I’ve gone for:

Wotw awake

This describes me more than the boys, specially Joel. The good news is that he has been sleeping MUCH better since I blogged the last word of the week. This means that I have felt much more awake in the daytime. Of course I still wouldn’t say I don’t feel tired – my job is to look after 2 very active boys, I’m bound to feel tired running after them – but this was the best word I could think of to describe feeling less utterly exhausted. I guess ‘more awake’ would be more descriptive, but that’s two words 😉 Let’s hope that this continues and we can all get the sleep we need to function well in the day.

What’s your word of the week?

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Word of the week – venture

Words are something that I’m not normally short of – I can waffle on at length in both writing and speech, particularly on subjects that interest me (Tom says that I have an uncanny ability to steer a conversation onto cloth nappies from most starting points!) So when I heard about the Word of the Week linky over at the Reading Residence blog, I thought it would be nice to join in when I can.

This week my word is: venture

For a while I’ve been having lots of fun sewing practical things for my boys – nappies, wipes, wet bags, bibs, clothes etc. I love to be creative in this way, and I enjoy the time I have to myself when sewing, it’s always good to have a bit of me-time when the boys are asleep or with Daddy/Granny. I also love to create practical things rather than ornamental crafts, and I particularly like upcycling items made of fabric (like clothes and blankets) into something new and useful.

But there’s only so many things that my boys need, so recently I’ve been contemplating whether to set up a small business to sell what I make. In some ways it’s quite daunting – I’m not particularly business-minded, though Tom is willing to help me with the accounting side of things. But in other ways it’s exciting to have a go and see what happens – if you don’t try, you never know. I have lots of creative ideas for what I’d like to make, whether I have time to make them all is another matter, and I’d already thought up a name. There are still some of the more boring business bits to sort out, but this week I started a Facebook page displaying some of the things I’ve made so far, mainly to see if people are interested beyond the friends and family who have already expressed their interest.

Now you can see how one of the main things occupying my mind this week (other than the usual daily family tasks) has been my new venture: Sewn Down Purple Lane

SDPL logo white

SDPL facebook cover again.jpg


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