Cross – word of the week

There are quite a few words that I could choose for this week’s word: holiday springs to mind (actually I meant to blog that one last week but I was too busy writing other blog posts of things we were getting up to on holiday whenever I was sitting at my laptop), and also chocolate (having given it up for Lent, it’s been on my mind quite a bit this week as the day that I can eat it again has drawn near). But I’ve gone for….


Although with 2 young boys to run around after I do often find myself getting cross, that’s not the sense of the word that I’ve been thinking about in the lead up to Easter Sunday. I’ve been thinking about a certain Roman cross, the tool of torture and execution upon which Jesus died. Not a particularly pleasant thing to think about, but I believe (along with other Christians) that it was His death that took the place of all the wrong things that I do. These wrong things (for example, getting cross at my kids, or being jealous of what others have) are what separate me from being close to God. But God loves everyone — yes, even me, even social outcasts, even criminals, even those who believe in other gods — and wants us to know Him, which we can do by believing in Jesus and what He did for us, if we choose (there’s no obligation).

The particularly amazing thing about what we celebrate at Easter is that death isn’t the end of the story. I believe that three days after He was crucified, Jesus rose from the dead. He beat death, he has the ultimate victory over all wrongs. And the key point in this for me is that anyone who believes that Jesus is alive again, can have a personal relationship with Him, with God, and that includes an everlasting life with Him in heaven after our short life on Earth. That’s what I’m celebrating this and every Easter, because I think it’s the greatest day in history in terms of how I live my life.

The greatest day in history,

Death is beaten

You have rescued me

Sing it out Jesus is alive

The empty cross, The empty grave

Life eternal You have won the day

Shout it out Jesus is alive

He’s alive

Oh happy day, happy day

You washed my sin away

Oh happy day, happy day

I’ll never be the same

Forever I am changed

(Tim Hughes)

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Curls – word of the week

At the very end of last week, on Sunday evening, we gave Joel his first hair cut. The curls were becoming quite a mullet at the back, and the front was starting to come as low as his eye brows, so I thought it was time to trim it so that it grows thicker with more shape. I remember cutting Andrew’s hair for the first time, but I’d only just started blogging and didn’t post on here about it. He was quite a bit younger, as he was born with lots more hair than Joel was and it was long enough to be getting in his eyes before he was 1.

When I first cut Andrew’s hair, I’d not long started cutting Daddy’s hair regularly – with Cambridge barber prices so extortionate, we looked into getting a pair of clippers and when I found out how easy they made it for me to cut his hair, we never looked back and have saved ourselves a small fortune in hair cutting bills. So I wasn’t used to cutting hair when I first cut Andrew’s, and I was a little nervous as to how to do it and what it would look like if I went wrong! I soon got into the swing of it after a few times though, and now I whizz over it with the clippers just like I do with Daddy’s. It’s really thick – I’m quite jealous of it really – but the clippers are great because they shorten and even it out in thickness just with the same length guide all over his head.

Andrew hair Collage

So when I came to cut Joel’s for the first time, I was much more confident, and I went straight to using the clippers all over, which took the curls off and made it look much neater, back and front. The hardest thing was getting him to keep his head straight, but with a few adults, some smarties and a short DVD on the phone, we managed it. Andrew was just like this when I first started cutting his hair, but he soon got used to it and now knows that the stiller he stays, the quicker the job is done. And besides, with the clippers it’s hard to go wrong, even if he moves at the wrong time.

Joel hair Collage

In a way it was sad to see Joel’s baby curls go, but I’ve kept them, to go in the keepsake box where Andrew’s are when it comes out of storage. Now he looks like a little boy rather than a baby, though as he’s been walking since before his first birthday, it’s hard to think of him as a real baby anyway. This week I’ve been looking at his hair whenever I’ve taken some pictures of the boys, and thinking wow, where did my baby go? But it’s exciting to see him growing up, even if that means losing the baby features.

Can you remember your baby’s first hair cut? Do you still have the first curls?

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Awake – word of the week

After last week’s word of the week – shattered – I’m pleased to say that this week I’ve gone for:

Wotw awake

This describes me more than the boys, specially Joel. The good news is that he has been sleeping MUCH better since I blogged the last word of the week. This means that I have felt much more awake in the daytime. Of course I still wouldn’t say I don’t feel tired – my job is to look after 2 very active boys, I’m bound to feel tired running after them – but this was the best word I could think of to describe feeling less utterly exhausted. I guess ‘more awake’ would be more descriptive, but that’s two words 😉 Let’s hope that this continues and we can all get the sleep we need to function well in the day.

What’s your word of the week?

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Shattered – word of the week

It’s easy for me to think of a world that describes this week:

Wotw shattered

Joel has been waking up in the night and sometimes not getting back off again, making for some very early mornings. He’s not been great at sleeping for a while but this week was particularly bad. So as a consequence we are both shattered. Andrew has also decided to well and truly drop his afternoon nap, after a few months of on and off daytime napping, so he is more tired than usual, although generally coping pretty well and sleeping well at night. All I can say is I’m glad it’s now the weekend!

I was very grateful when Granny and Grandad offered to have the monitor and get up with him on Friday night / early Saturday morning, so that I could feel refreshed enough to go back to Cambridge and give our flat a final clean before the sale is complete this week. He didn’t do too badly, just waking once at 5.30am, and then settling in their bed playing games and listening to music. Then this morning it was Daddy’s turn to offer to get up with him when he woke at 5.30am, so I managed to get two mornings of lie-in in a row. Again Joel seems to be absolutely fine without milk straight away, when I’m not there he doesn’t question it. And it’s given me a chance to catch up on my sleep deficit.

I’m now looking forward to the week ahead, feeling much less tired and ready to do lots of activities with the boys as well as some more sewing for my business. Let’s go!


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