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Are we there yet?

I’ve recently handed over my role as Editor of The Voice, quarterly magazine¬†of the¬†Cambridge branch of the NCT. I very much enjoyed volunteering for the charity in this way, but it was time to move on being as we no longer live in Cambridge and I would like to take on other things (mainly Sewn Down Purple Lane). During my
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Noroclear anti-bacterial products (review)

If there’s one thing that I’ve bought a lot more of at the supermarket since having children, it’s anti-bacterial cleaning products for both our home surfaces and our hands. At home we have laminate floors, which are soooo practical for young children – you can just wipe up any food, drink or nappy-free-time accidents quickly and easily with a muslin
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Grobag Gro-ing Places Chair Harness

Just recently there have been a few occasions when we’ve thought that a travel high chair would be a good idea. Usually cafes and restaurants have them when we eat out (not that we do it that often, and the kinds of places we go to are family friendly), but we’ve been a bit stuck when going to lunch in
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