‘Wiggly wiggly’ car racing track – #minicreations

I found out via twitter this morning that there’s a linky running on KidGLloves blog called Mini Creations.

By the end of most days in which we spend any time at home, there’s some sort of mini creation. It might be something arty or something edible, but more likely it’s a train track or a Duplo sculpture. Over the past few months, Andrew has got into building in a big way, even though Joel does his best to destroy (or ” ‘stroy” in Andrew’s words) his creation – bless him – though I do remind him that he used to destroy Daddy’s creations when he was Joel’s current age. I usually try and take Joel into another room or suggest Andrew continues the building process when Joel’s asleep.

So I really have no excuse not to join in when I get a spare moment.

Here’s today’s offering: a racing car track (the V-Tech Toot Toot Driver’s track). He built it all himself whilst I was dressing Joel this morning. I had to resort to putting Joel in the playpen temporarily as I filmed the video, took pictures, and Andrew explained it to me. So please excuse the squealing and random noises in the background (he’s playing with a toy cooker). The track was actually Joel’s Christmas present, but Andrew loves building with it at the moment, and he likes coming up with various designs – for example the ‘wiggly wiggly’.





Mini Creations