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How I wear a toddler and a preschooler (yes you read that right, though not often at the same time)

As it’s International Babywearing Week, I thought I’d write some more about our experience of baby wearing – or these days I should say toddlerwearing and preschoolerwearing. I’ve written blog posts before on our babywearing experience – you can read them here and here if you’re interested. I’ll cover some of what I wrote there here too. Like many parents
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52 photos – week 28

Here are a couple of photos taken at a new (to us) park yesterday. I hope to blog properly about it at the weekend, but for now these are a couple of the best ones I got of the boys.

52 photos – week 2

                  Here are my favourite photos of the boys from this week. Joel is all snuggled up in our joint fleece on a dry but cold day at the park, about to drop off to sleep at this point. Andrew is proudly ‘riding’ his new pedal bike – the one he was
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