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Swim fun with the grandparents

At Christmas we went swimming as a family of four and Joel enjoyed his first swim at just 8 weeks old. One of the main ways in which I’m aware that he is getting a different experience in life as a second child compared to Andrew is that he’s not getting to go swimming every week like Andrew did from
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Swimming with a baby

Happy New Year! As much as I love writing, it was lovely to have a good break from it over the past week or so, and spend time relaxing at my parents’ house where Andrew was well entertained and pretty much all I did was feed Joel, chat with family and friends and get as much sleep as possible. This
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Pregnancy diary: week 23 – swimming

I’ve been meaning to write a post on swimming in pregnancy for ages: in fact since before I was pregnant with this baby, because I was so impressed with how it helped me in pregnancy with Andrew that I wanted to share it with others who are (or will be) pregnant. This week isn’t particularly special in terms of how
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