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Sunny afternoon exploring Bournville parks – #CountryKids

Yesterday came the day that we finally took the boys to see our new house. We’ve been talking about this new house with them for a while and aI think Andrew was beginning to wonder whether it really exists. We still need to get some work done on it – just decoration, nothing major – but pinning work men down
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Family day out to find Brum (and some penguins!) – #CountryKids

Hands up – who’s heard of Brum? The little yellow car that is, not the nickname for Birmingham, though that is the point – the play on words that this car is called Brum and he has big adventures in the Big Town which is actually Birmingham. You may not have heard of him, or watched the programme when you
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Sunshine – #SnapHappyBritMums

This was the sun shining down into our garden at about 6.45 this morning, when I had an awake but contented baby and a still sleeping toddler. The weather has had its ups and downs already today, going from glorious sunshine to showers and back again in the space of minutes – a reflection of my day so far with
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