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‘Counting’ – wot so funee?

Most of my wot so funee? posts so far have been about Andrew’s toddlerisms. But Joel has just started to produce some hilarious funees in his speech. He doesn’t say a lot, but what he does say is great! Recently he’s become very keen to ‘count’ before doing something – for example the ‘1-2-3-wheeeee’ game that we play when two
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My favourite – wot so funee?

To think that Andrew was only saying a few single words when Joel was born 10.5 months ago, it’s hard to believe just how much he rabbits on these days! He’s picked up that we’ve been giving Joel lots of praise for his developmental milestones like crawling, cruising and standing unaided. On a few occasions now, just after I’ve said
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Camels in Devon fields – wot so funee?

Things have been quiet on the blog for over a week because we’ve been away on a lovely family holiday. As much as I love blogging, I enjoy a rest from all the fun (and not so fun) things I do at home and it gives me time to reflect and think rather than write all the time. In the
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Are we nearly there yet? – wot so funee?

This week there has been no shortage of funees, toddlerisms in their finest regalia! A bit of a mixed bag of contexts, so I’ll go through them one by one without any particular links… First up was a moment of confusion when we were out shopping for Andrew’s new red shoes (the fact that they are red has no significance
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Language rules – wot so funee?

This week has seen an interesting step in Andrew’s language development, at least it is for the linguist within me who is fascinated by seeing this process that I learned about in textbooks being played out in front of my very eyes and ears. I’ve noticed that he’s had some interesting verb formations, which give me insight into the process
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The excitement of a level crossing – wot so funee?

Following on from last week’s funee post which featured the ‘nappy nippa‘, Andrew decided this week that it is actually a ‘nappy nipple’! Fortunately he hasn’t shouted that out anywhere other than home. Clearly there’s a lot of talk about cloth nappies and breastfeeding around here. So much so that he’s getting them mixed up. Oops! Another random thing he’s
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nappy nippa

Nappy nippa – wot so funee?

I had a break from writing a funee post last week, as I was busy writing posts for the Keep Britain Breastfeeding scavenger hunt. I’m sure Andrew has said lots of funny things since last time I wrote a funee post, but I haven’t written many of them down and my brain is full of lots of things so I
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The Clarabel buggy – wot so funee?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Andrew’s confusion between Thomas (the Tank Engine) and hummus. This week he had a couple more train name substitutions for other items. The first was another edible item. As we were eating dinner one evening, he looked down at his bowl and said “Look, it’s a Gordon”. I looked and said “Really?
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Sandyline, Daddylion – wot so funee?

A few weeks ago when we were at our local children’s centre at a group, the fire alarm went off. To be fair, it was very loud, and we hadn’t been warned so it wasn’t just a practice. Andrew was playing across the room from where Joel and I were sat, so I looked immediately over at him and he
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Babble babble

For a while now I’ve been wanting to write a post on Joel’s language acquisition. I have lots of things to say about Andrew’s at the moment, but in some ways Joel’s is even more fascinating right now. In the past couple of months he’s gone from making just baby sounds that I blogged about here, to producing sounds that
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