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Shattered – word of the week

It’s easy for me to think of a world that describes this week: Joel has been waking up in the night and sometimes not getting back off again, making for some very early mornings. He’s not been great at sleeping for a while but this week was particularly bad. So as a consequence we are both shattered. Andrew has also
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A half birthday

I can’t quite believe that Joel turned 6 months old this week. It only seems like yesterday that he was a newborn, all squishy, little and quiet (most of the time – honestly, he really didn’t cry much at all). Now he’s much bigger and heavier, can roll across the room faster than the time it takes for me to
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Sleep – #SnapHappyBritMums

In our lovely stretchy wrap is about the only place that Joel is pretty much guaranteed to drop off without complaining – the other place is whilst feeding. This picture was taken this lunchtime as we got to our front door having walked back from town in the glorious sunshine.

Pregnancy diary: week 25 – what is baby upto?

As we’re approaching the end of the second trimester (where did that trimester go?! ….the first seemed longer!), I thought I’d do a bit of research into what baby is upto at the moment in terms of growth and development at this stage of pregnancy. I say ‘research’ – this consists of me reading the NHS ‘Pregnancy’ book (for the
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