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Experimenting with colour – #minicreations

Recently it’s been mostly dry and sunny enough to go out in the garden or to the park after Joel’s afternoon nap. Yesterday, however, it was pouring with rain, so I had to think of something we could do indoors other than the usual toys that Andrew had been playing with whilst little brother was asleep. We’d done baking recently, and
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Science – #SnapHappyBritMums

Before I swapped it for looking after my boys, science was my job. So it wasn’t too hard to find a subject for today’s snap happy theme. This is a collection of the numerous books that I accumulated during my years in research. And if you look closely enough, you might just make out and recognise the name on the
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So you’re a linguist…. how many languages do you speak then?

This post has been on my (never ending) to-do list for aaaages! It occurred to me that the linguist part of who I am might not be as immediately obvious as other parts. I mean you’re no doubt aware exactly what a home-baker, a craft lover and a swimmer are, but do you know what I mean by a linguist?
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