52 photos – week 22

This photo was taken at a lovely cafe in the centre of Coventry called Coffee Tots. You can read more about it here. It is run as a not for profit organisation, so the food and drink they serve is amazingly good value compared to other establishments in town – we usually get a drink and snack for all 3 of us for less than £2.50. The best part for the boys though is that there are plenty of toys for them to play with and it’s hard to drag them away when we need to get going. They also loved their toast and squash here 🙂


52 photos – week 19





A couple of snaps from the garden this week. Joel is determined to climb on any chair he can lay his hands on at the moment, so he needs extra close supervision out in the garden on the patio. As I wrote on Tuesday in this week’s wot so funee? post, Andrew loves wearing no clothes, so he’s been enjoying the warm weather as he can go outside and be free to run around as he likes. He doesn’t mind wearing a sun hat or two though!week19a week19b

52 photos – week 18

This week we seem to have a water theme for this photo post. Andrew was fascinated by the fountains in town earlier in the week, and wanted to stand and watch them for ages. Joel is fascinated by the water butts in the garden, and I have to limit how much he turns them on and off so as not to waste the water that they collect, the very point of having water butts! Here he is trying to put the broom back for me, which lives between the butts. And with the amount of rain we’ve had in the past couple of days, it’s been quite a watery week overall!

week18a week18b

52 photos – week 14

I’m slightly cheating here, because these selfies are from last week rather than this week, but for some reason I didn’t take many photos this week, not quite sure why! We bought a treat from a bakery when we were in town, and ate them while watching the Godiva clock (or ‘O’ clock), which we always have to do when we’re in town, Andrew is obsessed with it! I don’t have many photos of myself, as I discovered when trying to find a decent one to send into a magazine that I’m writing an article for, so these are quite a rarity. The boys look cute at least.

week14a week14b

52 photos – week 13

Despite being not very well this week, we’ve had to get out and about even if in the garden or just down the road, because otherwise the boys (and I!) go insane inside the same four walls all the time. These pictures show them doing what they like best: getting wet and muddy! Oh and getting into mischief – Joel has taken too much of a liking to the daffs and has tried to pull the flowers off (they’re getting a bit past it now anyway).



52 photos – week 11


Despite the rainier weather this week, we’ve still been managing to play outside for some of most afternoons. One of Andrew’s favourite games to play is serving ice creams from his kitchen – he’ll stand behind it like this and shout loudly “Anybody want an ice cream?!” until I say which flavour I’d like, even though sometimes I say I’d prefer a hot drink in this weather, apparently that’s not properly British enough for him. Joel also likes to nuzzle in on the action and get behind the ice cream sales counter.

52 photos – week 10


How on earth did it get to be a 5th of the way through the year already?! This is week 10, and the photo is one I snapped quickly at the check out when shopping the other day, as both boys were getting impatient with queuing and I was trying to lighten the atmosphere by playing ‘boo’ from behind my phone. It worked… for about 10 seconds! We haven’t been shopping in a while – Granny has been doing internet orders mainly, but we’ve popped to the shops for the odd few things now and then. I usually wear Joel in the ring sling and Andrew walks around, helping me fill the basket, but on this occasion Andrew saw the trolleys and insisted that we get a ‘doubler’  – they love sitting there together, most of the time. We didn’t fill it by any means, but they enjoyed the ride, until we had to stop the wheels rolling at the check out that is.