52 photos – week 11


Despite the rainier weather this week, we’ve still been managing to play outside for some of most afternoons. One of Andrew’s favourite games to play is serving ice creams from his kitchen – he’ll stand behind it like this and shout loudly “Anybody want an ice cream?!” until I say which flavour I’d like, even though sometimes I say I’d prefer a hot drink in this weather, apparently that’s not properly British enough for him. Joel also likes to nuzzle in on the action and get behind the ice cream sales counter.

A ‘love’ly little bit of craft

Just a quick craft project that I knocked up in about an hour all together. I’m taking a slight risk by putting this on the blog today that Tom will see it before tomorrow when he received it as a Valentine’s gift (but it’s pretty unlikely as he’s not really into blog reading except occasionally he has a look at mine).

We have several empty small clip frames that have been hanging around in my overcrowded boxes of ‘bits to do something with one day’. Tom, the minimalist, tries to persuade me to sort these out every now and then, but I usually avoid it. So I thought he would appreciate me actually doing something with one of them at least, and, even better, he gets the benefit, especially because he’s been asking for a recent photo of me for his desk at work.

Blank clip frame

I found some patterned papers with various heart designs on them in a magazine that I bought a few weeks ago. I cut various sizes of rectangles out of the different papers using pinking scissors to get a zig-zag edge.

Rectangles of heart-design papers cut with pinking scissors

Then I covered a piece of white paper the size of the frame with several strips of double sided tape.

Paper size of the frame with double-sided tape strips

Arranging the rectangles as I went, I stuck them down onto the tape until the paper was covered.

Paper covered in pretty patterns

I then cut some long thin strips of a red patterned paper, and made a border around the outside of the patchwork. A photo of me and Andrew (can’t find any of me on my own since he was born!) completed the frame, cut into a heart shape (as best I could to fit the picture – it’s a bit wonky!) to show more of the heart designs behind it than if I left it as a rectangle.

Finished frame - we love you Daddy!

I’ve seen some lovely Valentine’s craft ideas on a few blogs so far. Have you seen any good ideas for making gifts? Or do you prefer to buy a gift? I usually don’t have much time to make gifts these days, but I do like it when I get chance, because I can make it more personal. Coming up over the next couple of months, I’ll be sharing on the blog some birthday cards that I’ve made, but I need to wait until those birthdays have gone, or I’ll spoil the surprise 😉