A mouthful – Photo of the week

PotW 21st Jun 2013

I posted a picture of Joel eating a few weeks ago for Photo of the week, and here I am with another classic one of him with a mouthful of food! You can tell it’s full because it’s closed – he always smiles with a big wide grin otherwise. He has taken to solid food very well, and is now just eating the meals that we eat very happily. He’s still working on some teeth, but he’s managing perfectly well without any, just gumming things until they go soft enough to break up and swallow. Yummy!

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Sewing projects – Photo of the week

sewing projects CollageI guess this is technically two photos of the week, but I couldn’t choose one over the other. This week I finished off two projects that I’ve been slowly gathering the stuff, time and energy for! I love sewing, but hardly get round to it these days. Ever since I’ve been into cloth nappies in a big way, and set up a cloth nappy library in Cambridge, I’ve been itching to make some nappy-related bits myself – some wet-bags and fleece soakers (used as nappy covers mainly at night).

The wet-bag here is a large one, with an extra pocket on the front for dry nappies/clothes and a carry handle to attach to the buggy. The fleece soaker is upcycled from an old kids dressing gown and a fleece blanket/throw. I am so pleased that these turned out well – they just had to be my photo of the week!

I have some more fabric for wet-bags (both Bob the Builder and ‘animal alphabet’), so I will be making some more when I find the time. I’m not sure what to do with them yet, but if anyone is interested, I may sell them. I’m not sure I’m cut out to be a WAHM, but a few bits might not be beyond me.

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Pensive in the playground – Photo of the week

PotW 24th May 2013

Just flicking through my phone looking at photos from this week, I came across this little cutie/beauty that I didn’t even realise I’d taken because I was just snapping away as Andrew was on the playground and never got round to looking at them properly. It had to be my photo of the week (there are some good ones from last weekend but they will be in my #CountryKids post tomorrow).

Team Lloyd

A chat with Noddy – Photo of the Week

PotW 18th May 2013

Look who we met at the local supermarket! Whenever we go (and that’s not too often with Andrew as I mainly go on Tuesday or Saturday morning when Tom looks after him), Andrew insists on sitting with Noddy in his car. He’s not bothered about it actually moving, so I am spared the 50p that it costs. This week he started to have a chat with Noddy, asking him how he was and stroking his hair at the front. He even turned around and said ‘Hello Tessy bear!’ – can’t forget the passenger in the back seat now. Once he’d chatted to his passengers, Andrew grabbed the steering wheel, which he calls the ‘driver’ (logical I guess), and said ‘Let’s go to Big Ears’ house!’ I think he may have watched a few too many Noddy cartoons on youtube 🙂

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Photo of the week – starting solids

Team Lloyd

I’ve been meaning to join in with Photo of the Week over at Team Lloyd’s blog for a while now. Louise always takes such great photos and all those who join in with the linky showcase take amazing pictures too, so I wasn’t sure my snaps would fit, but Louise assured me that they would be welcome!

So here we are at the second week of Joel enjoying big boys’ food. After a few months of staring amazed at Andrew (and us, though we are less hilarious) eating, he’s finally taken the plunge himself and started devouring (and covering the floor with) the food that we put in front of him. This photo is one of several that I have showing funny moments with food. I was eating an orange cut into quarters and his arm gestures clearly showed that he wanted to have some, so I gave him a quarter. But he got frustrated that however he picked it up, it either slipped out of his hand or was the wrong way to get any flesh rather than a tongue full of peel! So I held it in my hand and he grabbed my fingers, pulled it towards him and started sucking at the flesh like this – clever chap really.

I’ve also been meaning to write about what he’s been eating, as I’ve kept a note of what we’ve given him, so this post is kind of killing two birds with one stone (except no birds were actually killed, it’s all been veggie cooking). Feel free to stop reading here if you’re just interested in the picture, I won’t be offended! I guess you could say we’re ‘doing baby-led weaning’, but I like to think of it as he’s just joining in with the kinds of things we like to eat as a family. So far it’s been quite simple things, but as he seems to give most things a go and enjoys them, we’re giving more and more things a go. He’ll probably be wolfing down his pasta and sauce just like Andrew in no time!

I also don’t like to call it ‘weaning’ as such, because that suggests the end of feeding on milk. As his older brother is still not ‘weaned’ in the sense that most people take it to mean, though most of his daily calorific intake comes from solid food and the milk is just a comfort thing before bed, I’m happy for Joel to carry on breastfeeding as long as he wants to as well, which may be soon or not for a while, who knows (except him). For this reason I tend to call the process he is currently undertaking ‘starting solids’.

So to finish this post that started with a photo of Joel eating an orange, I’ll leave you with a list of what he’s been enjoying so far, and that ends with an orange 🙂

Week 1 (28th April – 4th May)

  • Sweet potato
  • Suede
  • Butternut squash
  • Parsnip
  • Carrot
  • Broccoli
  • Melon
  • Banana
  • Porridge – oats and warm milk

Week 2 (5th – 11th May)

  • All of the above plus….
  • White bread – homemade in bread maker with no salt
  • Natural yoghurt
  • Mature cheddar chunks
  • Plain pasta shapes
  • Mashed potato
  • Orange