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A mouthful – Photo of the week

I posted a picture of Joel eating a few weeks ago for Photo of the week, and here I am with another classic one of him with a mouthful of food! You can tell it’s full because it’s closed – he always smiles with a big wide grin otherwise. He has taken to solid food very well, and is now
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Sewing projects – Photo of the week

I guess this is technically two photos of the week, but I couldn’t choose one over the other. This week I finished off two projects that I’ve been slowly gathering the stuff, time and energy for! I love sewing, but hardly get round to it these days. Ever since I’ve been into cloth nappies in a big way, and set
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Big bike, little bike – Photo of the week

This had to be my photo of the week! There were lots of nappy-related photos on my phone, but this stood out in all the nappyness. Andrew parked it there himself 🙂  

Pensive in the playground – Photo of the week

Just flicking through my phone looking at photos from this week, I came across this little cutie/beauty that I didn’t even realise I’d taken because I was just snapping away as Andrew was on the playground and never got round to looking at them properly. It had to be my photo of the week (there are some good ones from
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A chat with Noddy – Photo of the Week

Look who we met at the local supermarket! Whenever we go (and that’s not too often with Andrew as I mainly go on Tuesday or Saturday morning when Tom looks after him), Andrew insists on sitting with Noddy in his car. He’s not bothered about it actually moving, so I am spared the 50p that it costs. This week he
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Photo of the week – starting solids

I’ve been meaning to join in with Photo of the Week over at Team Lloyd’s blog for a while now. Louise always takes such great photos and all those who join in with the linky showcase take amazing pictures too, so I wasn’t sure my snaps would fit, but Louise assured me that they would be welcome! So here we
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