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Wriggly Rascals – mum-to-mum support for bump to baby and beyond

A little while ago I came across a new website when the mum who runs it, Shona, tweeted me. It’s called Wriggly Rascals, and the idea is to get mums together to share advice on pregnancy and early parenting using quick surveys that get the facts about what real mums do. I liked this concept because I’m not into reading
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What’s in a name?

It occurred to me whilst thinking about writing about Joel’s dedication day (which I’ll post soon) that I’ve not written about how we chose the boys’ names. We didn’t know the sex of either of them before they were born, so we had a pair of boys names and a pair of girls names ready. The girls names we still
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Pregnancy diary: week 27 – “We’re having a baby”

Erm, yes, I know that, I hear you say. Isn’t that the point of these pregnancy diary posts? Yes indeed it is, and it’s through writing these that my blog was found by a TV production company, Firecracker Films, who are producing a documentary for BBC3 called “We’re having a baby”. The idea is that instead of having a film
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