Autumn leaves – #CountryKids

This week we have noticed a lot of crunchy leaves on the ground as we’ve been walking into town and back, and also right on our front doorstep (so to speak) on the driveway. Andrew loves jumping in them and making a rustling sound, and we’ve been talking about the various colours that the leaves are: lots of yellows, some orange and some brown, as well as the green ones still on the trees.

Leaves Collage 1

I love the colours that are around in Autumn, especially on a sunny day as there have been quite a few this week, along with some rainier spells. I hope that by talking about this with Andrew, he will start to notice the changes that take place on a yearly cycle, and learn about the seasons through experiencing what they look/feel like outdoors.

Leaves Collage 2

As well as leaves on the ground, we’ve also been spotting leaves blowing in the wind, especially on the very windy days that we’ve had recently. Not that I know much about which specific trees they’ve come from, but again I’ve been talking about the colours and shapes with Andrew.

On our travels and outside on the drive and in the garden, we’ve picked up a few different leaves, ranging from huge ones from the trees in town to tiny ones from the trees in our area. I thought it would be good to keep a record of these, something that can be stuck on the cupboard doors in the boys’ room where all our ‘artwork’ goes, so we did some leaf rubbing with wax crayons.

Leaves Collage 3

This was very simple to do, but very effective in that the leaf patterns came out clearly. Andrew was interested, though he needed my help to press down hard enough with the side of the crayon so that the pattern of the leaves came through well enough for him to see. We sandwiched the leaves between 2 pieces of coloured A4 paper, and rubbed with the side of a wax crayon over the surface above the leaves. Now we can remember the leaves that we collected in autumn, even though they are all shrivelled and dried up now.

Leaves Collage 4

Quite a short post for me, but still linking it up with the amazing #CountryKids linky over at Coombe Mill’s blog


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