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‘Counting’ – wot so funee?

Most of my wot so funee? posts so far have been about Andrew’s toddlerisms. But Joel has just started to produce some hilarious funees in his speech. He doesn’t say a lot, but what he does say is great! Recently he’s become very keen to ‘count’ before doing something – for example the ‘1-2-3-wheeeee’ game that we play when two
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Biting the hand that feeds you – wot so funee?

So far my wot so funee? posts have mainly featured Andrew, eldest brother of two. This week, a particular interaction between him and younger brother Joel made me laugh out loud, even though Andrew didn’t find it particularly funny. Like a nice and kind big brother, Andrew offered Joel a mini cheddar biscuit from his packet. That was cute. Then things
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My favourite – wot so funee?

To think that Andrew was only saying a few single words when Joel was born 10.5 months ago, it’s hard to believe just how much he rabbits on these days! He’s picked up that we’ve been giving Joel lots of praise for his developmental milestones like crawling, cruising and standing unaided. On a few occasions now, just after I’ve said
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Rock a bye penguin – wot so funee?

Living with a toddler is like having our very own comedy show every day. The stuff he comes out with makes me laugh more than your average stand up comedian. This week we start with a fruity mix up. When we were shopping for various items in the supermarket, we stopped in front of the squash because we needed to
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Who’s afraid of the ice cream van? – wot so funee?

As sickness took over my life at the weekend (the boys all seem to have escaped it so far…), I’m a bit behind with this week’s funee round-up. But Andrew was on top form, making me laugh with his cute-isms when I really wasn’t feeling like laughing otherwise If you’ve been reading these posts for a while, you’ll probably remember
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Sandwiches – wot so funee?

It’s been a busy week, and the notes app on my phone seems to have fewer funees that normal, probably because I haven’t had as much chance to note them down. The ones I did note are good though, at least I think they are… Andrew’s favourite food for lunch is a ‘cheese sandwich’, by which he actually means any
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Look Mummy, I made a number 2! – wot so funee?

Where did that last week go?! I’m totally out of sync with days; we had a short week last week and this week, as we got back from holiday mid-week and then the bank holiday this week. So I’m writing this round-up of the week’s toddler-isms quickly on Tuesday morning. Andrew is very keen to point out these days that
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Camels in Devon fields – wot so funee?

Things have been quiet on the blog for over a week because we’ve been away on a lovely family holiday. As much as I love blogging, I enjoy a rest from all the fun (and not so fun) things I do at home and it gives me time to reflect and think rather than write all the time. In the
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When in Germany, speak German – wot so funee?

As a birthday present for me, my parents organised and paid for the four of us and them to go away for a long weekend this week. The destination was the village where a good friend of mine lives in Germany. We have known each other since we were paired up for the exchange that was organised by our schools
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Are we nearly there yet? – wot so funee?

This week there has been no shortage of funees, toddlerisms in their finest regalia! A bit of a mixed bag of contexts, so I’ll go through them one by one without any particular links… First up was a moment of confusion when we were out shopping for Andrew’s new red shoes (the fact that they are red has no significance
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