Homemade ice lollies

This heat has reminded me that I haven’t blogged about our home made ice lollies yet! I bought a lolly mould from our local supermarket for £2 a while ago, and we’ve made a few batches of various flavours. They are the perfect size for little hands, and just the thing we need to cool off in this sunny weather. We’ve made them with pure fruit juices, so they aren’t full of added sugar, and even Joel has been able to enjoy gnawing on one, helping him not only with the heat but his teething gums too.



This batch was a mix of raspberry and orange juices….


And this batch was half grape juice and half apple juice (we froze the grape first and then added the apple once frozen to create the two-tier effect)….

IMG 1388

Such a simple idea, but very effective at cooling us off in the temperatures that we’re currently experiencing. Do you have any top tips for cool food and drinks with little ones in mind?

IMG 1394