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At the very end of last week, on Sunday evening, we gave Joel his first hair cut. The curls were becoming quite a mullet at the back, and the front was starting to come as low as his eye brows, so I thought it was time to trim it so that it grows thicker with more shape. I remember cutting Andrew’s hair for the first time, but I’d only just started blogging and didn’t post on here about it. He was quite a bit younger, as he was born with lots more hair than Joel was and it was long enough to be getting in his eyes before he was 1.

When I first cut Andrew’s hair, I’d not long started cutting Daddy’s hair regularly – with Cambridge barber prices so extortionate, we looked into getting a pair of clippers and when I found out how easy they made it for me to cut his hair, we never looked back and have saved ourselves a small fortune in hair cutting bills. So I wasn’t used to cutting hair when I first cut Andrew’s, and I was a little nervous as to how to do it and what it would look like if I went wrong! I soon got into the swing of it after a few times though, and now I whizz over it with the clippers just like I do with Daddy’s. It’s really thick – I’m quite jealous of it really – but the clippers are great because they shorten and even it out in thickness just with the same length guide all over his head.

Andrew hair Collage

So when I came to cut Joel’s for the first time, I was much more confident, and I went straight to using the clippers all over, which took the curls off and made it look much neater, back and front. The hardest thing was getting him to keep his head straight, but with a few adults, some smarties and a short DVD on the phone, we managed it. Andrew was just like this when I first started cutting his hair, but he soon got used to it and now knows that the stiller he stays, the quicker the job is done. And besides, with the clippers it’s hard to go wrong, even if he moves at the wrong time.

Joel hair Collage

In a way it was sad to see Joel’s baby curls go, but I’ve kept them, to go in the keepsake box where Andrew’s are when it comes out of storage. Now he looks like a little boy rather than a baby, though as he’s been walking since before his first birthday, it’s hard to think of him as a real baby anyway. This week I’ve been looking at his hair whenever I’ve taken some pictures of the boys, and thinking wow, where did my baby go? But it’s exciting to see him growing up, even if that means losing the baby features.

Can you remember your baby’s first hair cut? Do you still have the first curls?

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