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52 photos – week 4

This week’s photos were taken at one of the groups we’ve been going to at a local church. It’s a fantastic group with a huge hall filled with various toys, books and ride-ons. The boys love it, and this week they were both especially fascinated by the dressing up table – Joel mainly because of the mirror that he could
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The 4-month fussies

I’m writing this at just after 5am, having been awake since just after 4am with a hungry baby. Joel’s pattern for the past week or so seems to have been the following…. he wakes up at around 4am and feeds fairly constantly on and off until about 7am, when he falls asleep for a quick nap, just enough time for
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Balancing act

My day starts when our alarm clock (aka Andrew) goes off at about 6am. I get up, play with Andrew for a while before giving him a milk feed around 6.30am, and then it’s family breakfast time at 7am. After that, it’s time to get washed and dressed. When we’re ready, it’s at that point that things have to be
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