Wriggly Rascals – mum-to-mum support for bump to baby and beyond

A little while ago I came across a new website when the mum who runs it, Shona, tweeted me. It’s called Wriggly Rascals, and the idea is to get mums together to share advice on pregnancy and early parenting using quick surveys that get the facts about what real mums do. I liked this concept because I’m not into reading parenting books, but rather my ideas on how to parent my boys come from my own instincts and talking to other parents, whom I respect and trust, about what they have done. I find the idea of a parenting book too general, and I don’t believe that authors who are ultimately out to make big money by promoting one way of parenting are necessarily the best people to listen to. I think that listening to various other ‘real’ parents in real life daily situations is a better bet, and then we can make a decision having considered which is best out of various options for us.

I’ve answered several Wriggly Rascals surveys as topics have come up that I’m interested in or feel like we’ve had a lot of experience of. These have ranged from pregnancy to newborn to toddler topics. The surveys really do just take a few minutes each, so it’s perfectly possible to get one or two done in those pockets of time that us mums have to grab when we can. For each survey you answer, you get points, and over time you can build up points, and then they can be spent on things you might like for you and/or your kid(s) in the shop on the website. I used to do some of those boring online market research surveys that get you Amazon vouchers, but I gave up because they got so long, complicated and had technical hitches. Instead with Wriggly Rascals I know that what I write could help another mum rather than some random market research company.

Most parts of the website are completely accessible for free with no strings attached – you can ask questions, answer surveys and be part of the community. For a small fee of a few pounds a month you can subscribe and get a couple more bonuses including access to detailed rather than summary survey results and to the affiliate programme so you can earn money if your friends join. You can find the details of this here.

When Shona later asked me if I’d like to be one of their bloggers and contribute blog posts to the website, I was happy to agree, because I like writing about some of the topics that come up anyway, and I’d like to support this idea. My first post for this will be coming up in September, and the topic is related to breastfeeding (no surprise there!) If you like the sound of this idea too, and can spare some time to help other mums, why not head over to the website and take a look for yourself. There’s a badge over there on the sidebar —>

And finally… I also love the name of the website, because it describes my active boys very well (see the photo below for an example!) – they are definitely wriggly, and ‘rascals’ suggests mischievous but cute. I’m looking forward to passing on more tips from my experience of my own wriggly rascals, both in the surveys and through blogging.

Wriggly rascals