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The sand park – #CountryKids

Whilst we’ve been living at Granny and Grandad’s house, we’ve done lots of park trips, just like we used to back in Cambridge. The nearest park to us here in Coventry is the War Memorial Park, which is the biggest in the city. In fact, considering it’s only a 10-15 minute walk from the city centre, it’s easy to forget
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Exploring Coventry city centre – #CountryKids

It’s slightly odd living back in the city where I grew up. Some things haven’t changed, but others have, and I certainly don’t know much about entertaining small children here, though I’m learning. We won’t be here for long, so it’s not worth putting down lots of roots in terms of what I get up to with the boys in
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And finally…. swimming

At long last I’m writing a post about swimming! That category on this blog hasn’t seen any action yet. It’s not that I haven’t been swimming in ages (it’s so part of my routine that I can’t imagine not doing it), but just that more one-off ideas for posts have come into my head at a specific time, whereas this
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