Baking a Pudsey (or a dozen)

OK, so they don’t look loads like Pudsey, other than they are clearly bears! In an attempt to give Andrew something more exciting to do than watching more youtube, which he’s been doing whilst I”ve been feeding Joel since Tom went back to work, I thought we’d bake some more gingerbread. I blogged about this recipe a little while ago, but it’s so easy and perfect for getting Andrew involved in things like mixing, rolling out dough and cutting shapes out, that we’ve baked these a few times since. It also takes just the right amount of time to fit in between feeds for Joel, and Andrew’s attention span can cope with it!

As it was Children in Need on Friday when we baked. I decided to do bears, and Andrew wanted to do his favourite shape – hearts. I thought I had some mini chocolate beans (like mini smarties) to decorate the bears with spots like Pudsey, but it turns out that we’d used them all up in our last gingerbread batch for spots on butterflies. So we had to make do with chocolate sprinkles, British flag colour sprinkles and purple glitter sugar. I don’t suppose Pudsey would mind.

We had a lot of un making them, and I think Andrew appreciated some time with Mummy doing something that only big boys can do, rather than me spending all my time on the sofa feeding Joel. Andrew did see me sneak a bit of dough to eat that had fallen off the rolling-out board, and proceeded to try and eat a rather larger piece of dough himself! It seems that he’s definitely my son when it comes to baking then!