52 photos – week 4



This week’s photos were taken at one of the groups we’ve been going to at a local church. It’s a fantastic group with a huge hall filled with various toys, books and ride-ons. The boys love it, and this week they were both especially fascinated by the dressing up table – Joel mainly because of the mirror that he could play boo with, and Andrew because he loves dressing up.

Boys will be boys – wot so funee?

Although this incident didn’t happen to me – I was at home with Joel on Saturday morning when Tom took Andrew into town as usual – I promise you that I have permission from Tom to retell the tale.

My boys reading a book at home
My boys reading a book at home

They were in the children’s section of the library, going about their usual Saturday morning routine of Tom choosing some books for them to read and borrow whilst Andrew played on the train that has books in its carriages. There were a few other families there plus the lady on the lending desk. It was fairly quiet – I mean you can’t expect a kids section of a library to be silent, but the children there weren’t making a racket at least, so you could hear when people talked at normal volume.

Whilst Tom was looking at toddler books, Andrew was drawn to a book that was lying around which had ‘girls club’ in the title. Tom thought it was meant for older children given that it was thicker and had smaller print and fewer pictures than the ones he was looking at for toddlers. So Tom explained to Andrew that this book wasn’t really for him because he’s a boy and this was for girls.

The topic of who’s a boy and who’s a girl has come up a few times recently, particularly when we were on holiday and our boys had some baths with their girl cousin. Of course it’s obvious which body part is easiest to explain the difference, more so in the bath when it’s on display. It’s the most consistent way of explaining the difference to a toddler: hair length doesn’t work – one of his uncles has longer hair than I’ve ever had; trousers vs. skirts doesn’t work – I rarely wear skirts since having had kids. So we decided the obvious way was helpful in the bath. And that’s fine when you’re in a small enclosed room with just a few family members. But this explanation came back up, at full volume, in a quiet (in volume) but busy (in number of people out of the kids section that is separated only by a bookcase from the main) library when Andrew chirped enthusiastically….

No [this book’s not for me because] Andrew’s a boy, Andrew’s got a willy!

Wot so funee about that?! Nothing if you’re 2 years old, it’s true!

Wot So Funee?