52 photos – week 30

This was taken at the start of our day trip to London on Friday to see Alice in Wonderland at Holland Park. I didn’t manage to get many other photos of the day, because keeping track of two little ones and where we had to go in London was on our minds rather than snapping. But we had a really lovely day and a fantastic break from all the stress of moving house.


52 photos – week 29

We’ve spent a lot of time at the local park this week because all the toddler groups have finished for the summer and it’s been such nice weather. Andrew loves trying to score baskets with his small bouncy ball (I don’t think you can even see it in this action shot as it’s so small!), and Joel loves climbing up and down the steps of the climbing frame that’s really meant for bigger children, but he’s actually rather controlled when doing it.

week29a week29b

52 photos – week 25

For this week’s photos we have the Naked Chef and a crazy climber. Andrew doesn’t like wearing clothes (as I’ve blogged about before), so he does many activities in life (of course only at home) naked. This picture was take as he was baking ‘World Cupcakes’ with Granny. Joel is happier to wear clothes than Andrew is, but is a kamekaze climber who will get up on anything that he can manage to when I’ve taken my eye off him for 10 seconds. The photo of him here is at the park, on an official climbing frame with a squashy floor to land on, for a change!

week25a week25b

52 photos – week 24

We’ve had lots of paddling pool fun recently. The slide that Andrew got for his birthday in the winter is  really coming into its own now that we can use it as a water slide into the pool. This picture is what’s technically known as a ‘doubler’ in Andrew’s language – they both go down together, and seem to like it. I think Andrew stopped himself at the end on this one though, as the water was a bit cool still and he wasn’t that brave!


52 photos – week 23

We have a bit of a bench theme going on this week. Andrew was fascinated by the bar-stool-height bench that we found at the park the other day, and Joel poses with his broom in front of the garden bench – he loves to have a good sweep, even if there’s nothing in particular to sweep up, and in fact when there is something to sweep up (like his food thrown all over the floor), he scarpers!

week23a week23b

52 photos – week 22

This photo was taken at a lovely cafe in the centre of Coventry called Coffee Tots. You can read more about it here. It is run as a not for profit organisation, so the food and drink they serve is amazingly good value compared to other establishments in town – we usually get a drink and snack for all 3 of us for less than £2.50. The best part for the boys though is that there are plenty of toys for them to play with and it’s hard to drag them away when we need to get going. They also loved their toast and squash here 🙂