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The story that got me into writing for reasons other than my research (which had involved my PhD thesis as well as various papers in journals) was the breastfeeding journey that Andrew and I embarked on when he was born. I first wrote about it for a couple of magazines published by charities concerned with early parenting. Breastfeeding him, and later the other three kids as well, is the hardest but greatest thing I’ve achieved in life so far – you can read how it all started in this post – even harder and greater than the achievement of the PhD, and that’s saying something!

Since that post I’ve continued to write fairly regularly on breastfeeding. When I became pregnant again with Joel and then the twins, I thought it would be a good idea to record my experience of pregnancy, which I didn’t enjoy for either singleton or twins. I did this in the form of a weekly bump diary, both for myself and for others who might be going through a similar experience. This led to the blog being nominated as Best Pregnancy Blog in the MADs 2013.

As pregnancy and breastfeeding are related topics, especially in our story which involves a toddler feeding through the pregnancy of his younger brother, and as both are specific physiological matters related to mum-hood, I’ve given them together a category all of their own, separate from the general mum-hood one – you can browse all the bump and breastfeeding posts HERE.


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