23 weeks

22-23 weeks – twins antenatal class

Last week we were away for half term with family, which was a lovely time for us all, particularly for me to rest as well as do some swimming – non-weight-bearing exercise is good. There wasn’t much to write about in terms of pregnancy. I’m continuing to monitor my blood pressure – it is staying at around 105/65 at home,
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21 weeks – twin comments

This week has been fairly quiet, so I’ve had my head down concentrating on getting a fair amount of work done before we go away next week for half term. My working hours are still quite reduced compared to what they were, due to the ongoing nausea. Before this pregnancy, I usually worked when Joel was at his 15 hours
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20 weeks – anomaly scan

This week was a great week. On Thursday I had our 20 week anomaly scan. I was nervous about this – I think I probably was to some extent before the boys’ 20 week scans, because there’s all sorts of things that could be picked up as potential issues. But even more so given there are two of them in
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18-19 weeks

18-19 weeks – feeling movements

I didn’t get chance to write about last week because it was Andrew and Tom’s birthday at the weekend and things were a little hectic here! They had a lot of fun, and although it was tiring for me to have so much stimulation from everything that was going on, we had lots of help from family for the party.
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anemone wrap

17 weeks – a positive week

This week has been much more relaxed and positive than last. I haven’t had any contact with any health professionals and it’s been great just getting on with normal life. I still don’t have loads of energy and the nausea gets worse if I try and do too much, so I’m resting as much as possible to keep the vomiting
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16 weeks

16 weeks – different opinions

This pregnancy has been a rollercoaster since the start, so by now I shouldn’t be surprised when I encounter a fall again after a high point. I expect this will continue. Last week when I went to the twins clinic, as a follow up from a week’s worth of almost daily blood pressure checks at the day assessment unit (DAU),
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15 weeks – blood pressure

This week has mainly been about blood pressure! When I last blogged, I was waiting to speak to a doctor about why they wanted to start me on a drug to lower my BP, when my readings at home were within the normal range. On Monday I went back to the day assessment unit (DAU) where I had last seen
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14 weeks – first appointment at twins antenatal clinic

I can’t promise that I will have enough time to blog every week of pregnancy like I did in my second pregnancy, but I wanted to keep a record for myself of how things progress and thought it might be useful for others to read about a twin pregnancy too. It’s clear just from this week that this pregnancy will
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A trimester of hyperemesis gravidarum (HG)

They say be careful what you wish for. When I first wrote about being pregnant after my miscarriage in the summer I said I was hoping that I would be more sick. At the time (about 5 weeks) I still only had nausea as opposed to vomiting too, and my pregnancy that ended in miscarriage never had developed sickness to
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Not one heartbeat…. two heartbeats!

I was building up to writing a blog post all about the hyperemesis gravidarum (severe pregnancy sickness) that I’ve been suffering with, once I was feeling well enough. I will still do that, maybe next week when we are away for Christmas. But for now I thought I’d write a quick post which explains why I’ve been even more sick
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