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Linguistics, simply put, is the science of language. There is of course a lot more to say than that, and you can find my longer explanation of what it is in this specific post. Since I started learning languages in late primary school and early secondary school, I knew that I had a real interest in languages. I also knew I enjoyed science lessons much more than my least favourite lessons – English literature and History. It wasn’t until I was studying for a BA in French and German that I realised just how I could combine my love of languages and my naturally ‘scientific’ mind – that is in Linguistics. So a Masters and a PhD later, and I became a researcher in the field of Linguistics. The job I got after completing my PhD, before becoming a mum, was actually in a psychology lab, but I was employed for my linguistic skills to work on a project about how children with language impairments hear rhythm in speech and music.

Linguistics comes into my blog posts in different ways – click HERE to see how. Sometimes it’s to do with the meaning of words, and most recently it’s about the data I’ve collected on the kids’ language development.


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2 thoughts on “the lingo bits”

  1. Brilliant! I love linguistics – my English degree started off as language and literature but when I had to specialise later on I picked literature. Still sad I couldn’t do both! Like you, I have been studying and analysing my son’s language development, esp as he is growing up bilingual. I’ll have to check out your linguistics posts for some more insights. x Judith

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’ll have to take a look at your blog too 🙂 I’m trying to introduce languages to my sons as early as possible, though at the moment the most insights into his language are coming from English. He can count to 10 in French and German at 2 years old though. I’m really enjoying his language development at the moment – most of my posts recently involve a funny moment with his speech!

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