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I can’t remember a time when I couldn’t swim. My parents tell me I was about 4 when I learnt to swim unaided, and I went swimming with them from a very early age. After I completed all the ASA swimming badges – the distance ones from 10 metres to 1 mile, as well as the skills ones from stage one to honours – I decided I wanted to swim competitively, so I joined the City of Coventry swim squad in primary school. There I continued to swim 3 times a week in evenings and weekends, until I was a teenager, when I had to make the decision whether to carry on competitively and commit to swimming almost every day, or just swim for my own fitness and leisure. With GCSEs looming on the horizon, I chose to stop swimming competitively in the Coventry squad. Since then I have swum a couple of times a week on my own terms, and still enjoy nothing better than a good swim to help me relax, unwind and have a bit of me-time. Of course I also enjoy swimming with the boys as often as possible, and they love it too.

On this blog I like to share my experiences of swimming, both on my own and with my boys. Since I had two boys under 2 for 3 months, then 2 under 3s, I’ve not been able to go swimming as much as I did with just one little one because I have to wait until the weekend when I have an extra pair of adult hands. So I’ve not had as much to blog about recently, though I’m sure this will change again in the future as they get older and it will be easier to take them both swimming on my own in the week.

But I have found myself blogging more and more about our outdoor fun, mainly through the weekly linky with Country Kids over at Coombe Mill’s blog. As a family we are very in to active fun in general, not just swimming, and whilst I can’t get to the pool as much, we’ve been having lots of fun doing other energetic activities out and about.¬†You can read them by clicking¬†HERE.

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