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Since I was a little girl, I’ve loved doing anything crafty. I used to do all sorts of things, such as Fimo modelling (some of my works were shown on ‘Live and Kicking’ – that shows my age), painting (I won a Blue Peter badge for that), drawing, sewing, cross-stitch, making cards, making things out of household junk etc., in fact anything I could experiment with to fill up the school holidays and rainy weekends. I loved getting ideas from books and TV programmes. As a teenager I was very into interior design, and designed most of the decor in my parents’ house, and even did some of the DIY myself. Throughout university, I was always found sitting on the sofa with a cross-stitch project in evenings during exam periods: it was my craft therapy, my way to unwind, de-stress and take my mind off the amount of work I had to do. It’s so nice to look at these projects hanging on our walls, now that we’re way past exams, and think that something good came out of that difficult time.

When Andrew and Joel were toddlers I decided to set up my own business, working from home. I’d been making cloth nappies and accessories for them on my sewing machine, and thought I’d start selling my products online. I worked during nap times, evenings and weekends, then during nursery and school hours, so the business has just expanded to fill the available time I have after caring for the kids. As well as earning us an extra part-time income, I enjoy my work as I get to be creative and do something besides caring for the kids.

To see some of the creations I’ve blogged about, click HERE.

For more information on my business, click HERE.

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