52 photos – week 20

Well this week’s photo is a little later than usual, but I thought it was worth the wait – to get one of the 2 boys dressed up smartly for their uncle and aunt’s wedding as page boys. It wasn’t easy to get good photos of them, and by the end of the main photos they were very cross if anyone tried to point another camera at them, but other people managed to get some good ones in amongst the not so good ones (I think this was Grandad’s?). We will definitely remember how well they did for such little people at a wedding with lots of new people to meet.week20

52 photos – week 11


Despite the rainier weather this week, we’ve still been managing to play outside for some of most afternoons. One of Andrew’s favourite games to play is serving ice creams from his kitchen – he’ll stand behind it like this and shout loudly “Anybody want an ice cream?!” until I say which flavour I’d like, even though sometimes I say I’d prefer a hot drink in this weather, apparently that’s not properly British enough for him. Joel also likes to nuzzle in on the action and get behind the ice cream sales counter.

Awake – word of the week

After last week’s word of the week – shattered – I’m pleased to say that this week I’ve gone for:

Wotw awake

This describes me more than the boys, specially Joel. The good news is that he has been sleeping MUCH better since I blogged the last word of the week. This means that I have felt much more awake in the daytime. Of course I still wouldn’t say I don’t feel tired – my job is to look after 2 very active boys, I’m bound to feel tired running after them – but this was the best word I could think of to describe feeling less utterly exhausted. I guess ‘more awake’ would be more descriptive, but that’s two words 😉 Let’s hope that this continues and we can all get the sleep we need to function well in the day.

What’s your word of the week?

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52 photos – week 11

week11This week’s (slightly random) photo is of a scene that I encountered one afternoon when we were playing in the garden: Joel hugging Andrew whilst he sat on the potty! Joel is fascinated when Andrew sits on the potty, and Andrew had brought his potty outside so that he could do a wee without missing any of the outdoor fun. Initially Joel tried to lift him off whilst the wee was in progress, but as Andrew (quite rightly) was getting annoyed at this, I suggest he channelled his arm movements into a hug instead. And here’s the result!


52 photos – week 10


How on earth did it get to be a 5th of the way through the year already?! This is week 10, and the photo is one I snapped quickly at the check out when shopping the other day, as both boys were getting impatient with queuing and I was trying to lighten the atmosphere by playing ‘boo’ from behind my phone. It worked… for about 10 seconds! We haven’t been shopping in a while – Granny has been doing internet orders mainly, but we’ve popped to the shops for the odd few things now and then. I usually wear Joel in the ring sling and Andrew walks around, helping me fill the basket, but on this occasion Andrew saw the trolleys and insisted that we get a ‘doubler’  – they love sitting there together, most of the time. We didn’t fill it by any means, but they enjoyed the ride, until we had to stop the wheels rolling at the check out that is.

52 photos – week 7

week7a week7bWoops, I forgot to post these at the weekend! My mind has been on other things, and coupled with the fact that I’m getting little sleep with a teething toddler, it completely slipped my mind. Anyway, here are this week’s photos. As you can see, the theme is snakes – Joel hugging a fluffy one in the library (this is the Tracy Island Tree-top Snake, as featured in my guest post for Wot So Funee? last week), and Andrew stroking one at the Animalia event that we went to at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery on Friday.