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29-30 weeks – rest and getting prepared

There wasn’t really much to write about for 29 weeks. We were away for the long Easter weekend, down with Tom’s parents in Devon. It was good to get away, and I’m glad all is going well with the pregnancy so far, which meant that we were able to go that far, even if sitting in the car wasn’t that
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22-23 weeks – twins antenatal class

Last week we were away for half term with family, which was a lovely time for us all, particularly for me to rest as well as do some swimming – non-weight-bearing exercise is good. There wasn’t much to write about in terms of pregnancy. I’m continuing to monitor my blood pressure – it is staying at around 105/65 at home,
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20 weeks – anomaly scan

This week was a great week. On Thursday I had our 20 week anomaly scan. I was nervous about this – I think I probably was to some extent before the boys’ 20 week scans, because there’s all sorts of things that could be picked up as potential issues. But even more so given there are two of them in
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18-19 weeks – feeling movements

I didn’t get chance to write about last week because it was Andrew and Tom’s birthday at the weekend and things were a little hectic here! They had a lot of fun, and although it was tiring for me to have so much stimulation from everything that was going on, we had lots of help from family for the party.
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Some good news

The last blog post I wrote was for the start of baby loss awareness week on the 10th October. In the post I described how I imagined I’d feel if I found out I was pregnant again – I’d feel joy and fear in equal measure. Well, little did I know at the time of writing…. in fact just about
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The one I’d hoped I’d never have to write

As a mum blogger, this is a post that I’d hoped I’d never have to write. But to some extent, I feel kind of privileged to be in this position and also have a passion for writing, which means I can help break the taboo on this subject – miscarriage. As I write, it is my 33rd birthday. The story
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School rules (well Andrew thinks so anyway)

Once again I find myself writing about education. I knew I had a strong view on it, but recently I’ve really felt compelled to write my thoughts down, mainly so they come out of my head and allow me to have some brain space back! This week I was interested to read about the case of a father who received
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52 photos – week 37

Oops, I thought I’d posted these photos on Sunday but I must have not hit publish and the poor blog is a bit neglected recently. Anyway, better late than never. I took these on our day out with Thomas on Saturday. Both boys had great fun. Andrew couldn’t quite believe that he was really standing in front of Thomas, and
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52 photos – week 32

One activity that we did this week was decorating some gingerbread men that Granny kindly bought us. Andrew was keen to decorate his, but Joel was more keen to just eat it! He allowed me to help him put some smarties on first though.

52 photos – week 27

I love this photo of the two boys climbing the stairs to the big slide at the playground in Ryton Pools Country Park. I should blog about that one day – it’s a great park for them.