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Breastfeeding twins – getting off to a good start despite hypoplasia

I’m sat here typing one handed on my phone as I breastfeed a twin. Sometimes I feed them individually, sometimes in tandem with my trusty preloved┬áPeanut and Piglet tandem feeding pillow – it depends who is awake when. They’re currently 3 weeks old, and compared to the first few weeks of my singleton boys’ lives, feeding is going extremely well.
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The twins’ birth story

As I had written about throughout pregnancy, I was hoping to give birth naturally to the twins. It turned out that this wasn’t meant to be, and I ended up with an elective Caesarean section. However, overall it was a very positive experience, and I can look back with good memories of welcoming them into the world. I had spent
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37 weeks

37 weeks – still pregnant, again!

Well if I wasn’t sure I’d get to write last week’s post, I definitely didn’t think I’d get to write this week’s! We appear to have somehow got to the start of 38 weeks. I feel this is quite an achievement for twins. I’m pretty desperate for them to arrive now though. They will be well and truly developed, and
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36 weeks

36 weeks – still pregnant!

I wasn’t sure if I’d get to write a post this week. But as it’s Saturday morning and there’s no sign of the twins arriving yet, I thought I’d do a quick post! There’s not that much to report, other than I’m very pleased to be able to say that we got to full term! Friday was the start of
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monitoring 35

35 weeks – hospital trips

After an uneventful few weeks of plodding on, this week has seen quite a bit of action. No arrival of twins though! Over the weekend I noticed in my home monitoring of blood pressure that it was starting to rise a little. Still it was within normal range, but until that point it had been so consistently on the low
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twin rainbows

34 weeks – name decisions and rainbows

It’s been another uneventful week really. I have a little spiel prepared for when people ask me how long I’ve got to go, which happens a lot as the bump is so huge! Not that we know exactly how long there is left, and I’m very grateful to have got to the start of 35 weeks, because whenever they are
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33 weeks

33 weeks – writing a birth “plan”

There’s not been much to report this week. As I wrote at the end of last week, I’m trying to get the right balance between resting and keeping active. I am getting lots of comments from people I see regularly saying how well I look and how big the bump is getting. I don’t feel particularly well but glad I
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32 weeks

32 weeks – growth scan and birth options

This week we had another growth scan and clinic appointment. It was lovely to see the babies again, it’s reassuring to know they’re OK in there, even though I do feel them move lots anyway. They are getting so big that it’s really hard to make anything out on screen, unless you’re a trained sonographer and know what you’re looking
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31 weeks

31 weeks – keeping as fit as possible

This week there’s little to report in terms of pregnancy; the main event has been Andrew’s operation to remove his adenoids and insert some grommets. We spent the day in hospital, and thankfully all went well so he was discharged in the evening. I wasn’t sure how I would feel spending all day in hospital, though admittedly the children’s hospital
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30 weeks

29-30 weeks – rest and getting prepared

There wasn’t really much to write about for 29 weeks. We were away for the long Easter weekend, down with Tom’s parents in Devon. It was good to get away, and I’m glad all is going well with the pregnancy so far, which meant that we were able to go that far, even if sitting in the car wasn’t that
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