52 photos – week 36

Joel looking happy in his new bike seat which I got as a bargain on Gumtree so that I can keep up with Andrew on his bike without having to jog (which isn’t good if I have Joel on my back). Andrew looking happy because he had all the toys to himself at the start of the Bournville Scarecrow festival yesterday – he was supposed to be helping me set up but was too interested in the activities for later in the morning.

week36a week36b

52 photos – week 35

This picture was taken in the story chair at a park that we have recently discovered near us. The place is called Rowheath Pavilion, and as well as this lovely wooden adventure playground, there is a fantastic cafe which has a toy corner, and there are various groups for mums and babies/toddlers throughout the week – we went to the stay and play this week for example. There is also a park with a lake where you can feed the ducks behind the Pavilion. We will definitely be spending plenty of time here 🙂


52 photos – week 34

We went to a kids activity morning at the church across the road earlier this week. We had so much fun! They had hired a community circus run by a guy called Kevin (www.kevinscircus.com). He brought with him all his circus gear and the kids could play with it. There were ride on silly bikes, stilts, funny hats and shoes, balloon animals, a tightrope (about 50cm off the floor!), jack in the boxes, hula hoops, diabolo, juggling balls and batons, spinning plates and more! Andrew’s favourite bit was the balloon dog that he helped make, and Joel took a shine to the silly hats and wigs.

week34a week34b

52 photos – week 33

I know this isn’t a great photo in terms of picture quality, but I love the expressions on their faces – Andrew doing his ‘fake’ smile because I had just asked him to carry on laughing like he had been until I’d managed to whip my camera out, and Joel doing a classic  grin that he does so well. I have loads more photos from this week on holiday, but most of those will probably make an appearance on another blog post at some point when I write up our adventures for future Country Kids linky posts. So this has made it to be this week’s photo.


52 photos – week 30

This was taken at the start of our day trip to London on Friday to see Alice in Wonderland at Holland Park. I didn’t manage to get many other photos of the day, because keeping track of two little ones and where we had to go in London was on our minds rather than snapping. But we had a really lovely day and a fantastic break from all the stress of moving house.


52 photos – week 29

We’ve spent a lot of time at the local park this week because all the toddler groups have finished for the summer and it’s been such nice weather. Andrew loves trying to score baskets with his small bouncy ball (I don’t think you can even see it in this action shot as it’s so small!), and Joel loves climbing up and down the steps of the climbing frame that’s really meant for bigger children, but he’s actually rather controlled when doing it.

week29a week29b