Our twin slinging journey so far – for It’s A Sling Thing

I was asked by Jenni at It’s A Sling Thing (postal hire sling library) to write a short piece for their weekly slot on carrying journeys. This is ours so far in 600 words (brief for me 😉 )


I  count my slings as my only essential items for twin parenting. There’s a few other things I’d struggle to live without, but I cannot imagine life with twins (and two older kids) without slings – at all. I rely on carrying one or two babies so often everyday, to help me parent as best I can. Slings aren’t only our form of transport for the babies, but a tool I use to get them to sleep, calm them down, and keep them close to me when they need me and I need to do other things.

My preferred type of sling is my selection of woven wraps, because I find these so comfortable and versatile- I have 5 different length wraps and can do so many different combinations of single and tandem carries. We also have a Twingaroo buckle carrier and a standard Tula buckle carrier, which mostly get used by my husband and parents. I have experimented with a lot of carries and combinations, beginning with both children on my front or hips, until that became too restrictive in terms of using my arms, so from 3.5months I have used front-back tandem carries which allowed me to get a comfy, high back carry, and I usually wrapped the baby on my front through the “straps” of the back carry. This provided a practical way to carry for things like our daily school runs and walks to the shops.

Although they shared a womb, my twins are simply siblings who happened to be born at the same time, and they are very different little people. My parenting approach is very much child-led, and slings help me to be responsive to each of their needs at different times. For example, we don’t always have synchronised naps, so I can often be found doing jobs with one twin awake on my back whilst the other is in bed asleep, or one twin asleep/awake on my back as I feed, play with or change the nappy of the other who is awake. Slings save my sanity when our day is all over the place!

Whilst I do alternate which twin is on the front and which is on the back for front-back carries, my decision is based on a few factors at any point. If I think one will fall asleep, he/she will go on my back because I can then get front baby off without disturbing back baby. If I don’t expect either to sleep, Samuel prefers to be high on my back looking out into the world over my shoulder, whereas Naomi is happy to play with my fiddle necklace and look out the sides occasionally on front. Another example of how they are different.

Carrying the twins is practical for us on a daily basis. We’ve always been an active family. Andrew and Joel like running and scooting to places like the park where a buggy would be impractical. Our walk to school is down a pavement which is too narrow in places to fit a double buggy, and besides, I like having my hands free to hold the boys’ hands if necessary.

Now that the twins are 9 months old, I am getting a lot of comments asking when I’m going to stop carrying them. My response is when they no longer want it or I no longer can, whichever is sooner. Given that I carried Andrew and Joel until they were 3 and 4 years old, I imagine my body will be capable of it for a while yet. Twin slinging is such a huge part of our lives, I can’t imagine life without it right now.

Follow our twin slinging journey in pictures at instagram.com/twinslingingadventures

52 photos – weeks 48 & 49

Well here I am again, posting two week’s worth of photos in one! I’ve been so busy getting through orders before th elast Christmas post day, I’ve not had chance to go anywhere near the blog, even less than usual. But anyway, better late than never as they say. Here they are being cheeky in a tent at a play group, and then cracking open the Christmas jumper season this week.IMG_4557 IMG_4569

52 photos – weeks 46 & 47

Looking back at my photos from the last week, I realise that I didn’t do a photo post last week – it was a very busy weekend with a craft fair on Saturday for me and Tom was playing the piano at church on Sunday morning so I had less time to think about it like I am now. But here are my favourite photos of the boys from the past 2 weeks. Andrew got to see Father Christmas at the craft fair; Granny was manning the stall whilst I went upstairs with him, and Grandad took the photo of us. Joel was fast asleep at that point, having been up since 4am, so he’ll have to wait until the Christmas party that we’re going to to see him – he probably won’t be too bothered anyway. Instead I thought this photo of Joel sitting next a monkey at soft play was rather apt – he’s my little monkey!

week4647 wwek4647

52 photos – week 45



I know the quality of these photos is rubbish, but they just wouldn’t stay still enough for long enough for me to take any better ones. And they didn’t both look at the camera at the same time, so here’s one photo with each of them looking at me! This was in Birmingham Central Library this week. We haven’t been into town for a while, and this toy was new since we last went. They were absolutely fascinated by it, and ran straight over to it, not even giving me chance to take their coats off. It has all sorts of bits attached to it that they can play with, mostly sensory stuff , as well as a seat on the front and a steering wheel inside. week45a week45b

52 photos – week 42

Whoops, nearly forgot to upload my favourite pictures from this week again. I think it’s about the only thing I have time for on the blog at the moment, and I’m not even managing that very well! These were taken as we took a late afternoon walk down to the duck pond on Saturday, before the clocks went back so it’s still dusky rather than pitch black like today was at the same time.

week42a week42b

52 photos – week 41

The rain seems to have eased off in the later half of this week, so we went to the park on Wednesday morning and had a lot of fun, as usual. Both boys are quite keen on wearing their matching ‘animal’ hats that were knitted by their Great Aunt – Joel is a cat and Andrew is a bear. I thought this was a cute photo, even if Joel is about to take his hat off just when I got the camera out! Oh and Andrew had kicked his wellies off already.