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52 photos – weeks 48 & 49

Well here I am again, posting two week’s worth of photos in one! I’ve been so busy getting through orders before th elast Christmas post day, I’ve not had chance to go anywhere near the blog, even less than usual. But anyway, better late than never as they say. Here they are being cheeky in a tent at a play
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52 photos – weeks 46 & 47

Looking back at my photos from the last week, I realise that I didn’t do a photo post last week – it was a very busy weekend with a craft fair on Saturday for me and Tom was playing the piano at church on Sunday morning so I had less time to think about it like I am now. But
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52 photos – week 45

    I know the quality of these photos is rubbish, but they just wouldn’t stay still enough for long enough for me to take any better ones. And they didn’t both look at the camera at the same time, so here’s one photo with each of them looking at me! This was in Birmingham Central Library this week. We
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52 photos – week 44

This week’s favourite photos were taken when we visited Mary Arden’s Farm near Stratford upon Avon last weekend. It was a lot of fun and I took lots of photos. I thought these, the classic stand behind a board with a hole in type shot, were particularly funny. ph

52 photos – week 43

Another very late one, but this is one of my favourite pictures taken this past week. They now have matching rain coats, and we were enjoying a walk down to the duck pond on this particular day, like we often do.  

52 photos – week 42

Whoops, nearly forgot to upload my favourite pictures from this week again. I think it’s about the only thing I have time for on the blog at the moment, and I’m not even managing that very well! These were taken as we took a late afternoon walk down to the duck pond on Saturday, before the clocks went back so
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52 photos – week 41

The rain seems to have eased off in the later half of this week, so we went to the park on Wednesday morning and had a lot of fun, as usual. Both boys are quite keen on wearing their matching ‘animal’ hats that were knitted by their Great Aunt – Joel is a cat and Andrew is a bear. I
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52 photos – week 40

Not the best quality photo in the dim morning light, but Andrew insisted that I take a photo of them whilst they were sitting still together on the arm chair for about 10 seconds! Again, each of their faces is classic for each of them.

52 photos – weeks 38 & 39

I completely forgot to post a photo of each of the boys last week, so here are 2 for the past 2 weeks. The first was taken at one of our new favourite parks – the one outside Rowheath Pavilion in Bournville, and the second was taken in our back garden. Both photos are fairly rare in that they show
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52 photos – week 36

Joel looking happy in his new bike seat which I got as a bargain on Gumtree so that I can keep up with Andrew on his bike without having to jog (which isn’t good if I have Joel on my back). Andrew looking happy because he had all the toys to himself at the start of the Bournville Scarecrow festival
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