Birthday cakes – 2020

Well what a weird year of birthdays that was! Andrew had a normal birthday in January, but the twins’ and Joel’s birthdays later in the year were in the first lockdown and with other tight restrictions on what we could do.

Andrew’s 9th birthday

He wanted a plain vanilla cake, with vanilla buttercream icing and lots of sweets all over it. I also decided to try a chocolate drip effect around the edge for the first time.

Samuel and Naomi’s 3rd birthday

They were really into Go Jetters on CBeebies at the time, and when I asked them what they’d like on their birthday cakes, this was a clear winner. I shaped the vanilla sponge into two 3s, and the base of each of the faces was a shop-bought oaty biscuit.

Joel’s 8th birthday

He asked for a Lego Ninjago cake. The red and green ninjas are his favourite two, and I shaped them into an 8 too.

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