Twin bump in “Take a Break”

A few months ago I was contacted by a freelance journalist via email. She’d seen me comment on a Facebook post with a picture of the twins tandem wrapped when they were a couple of months old, and wanted to talk to me about baby twins. I agreed to the phone call, and thought initially that she was interested in my twin slinging.

But it turned out she’d seen my blog, liked that I’d taken weekly bump shots, and thought a women’s lifestyle magazine would like a story about a twin pregnancy with some large bump pictures. She’d read quite a bit about the pregnancy already on the blog, and chatted through it some more with me. Then a few weeks later she confirmed that she’d managed to sell the story to Take a Break, and I agreed to it.

A couple of months later I had a call from a journalist working at Take a Break who wanted another short chat with me about the pregnancy, and she’d also already read some of the pregnancy diary on the blog. She went away to write the final story, and a week later she rang me and read what she’d written back to me. I made a few changes (quite hard on the phone with babies around!) and agreed to go to print.

This week the edition of the magazine with our story in is out on sale. I just admit it’s not my normal genre of reading material, but it turned out to be quite a nice little article. The journalists really wanted to push the size of the bump and the weights of the babies, which were good for twins. I wish it didn’t say that “my consultant decided I needed a Caesarean”, I must have missed that when she read it back over the phone. I was the one who made the ultimate decision based on the facts I was presented with by doctors and my own research. But I did manage to correct the journalist’s use of the term “morning sickness” to severe pregnancy sickness, so I count that a small step forward in the media’s reporting of hyperemesis gravidarum.

It also means we got some cash from the story to put towards something the twins need like the next stage (extended rear facing) car seats.

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