Birthday cakes – 2012-2017

As I think ahead to the new year, one of the first things we need to organise is celebrating Andrew and Tom’s birthday (on the same day!) Each year, much of my thought and time goes towards baking and decorating the cake for Andrew. I shared some of my creations a few years ago on this blog, but I’ve just realised that with my lapse in blogging over the past few years, I haven’t documented half the cakes I’ve made. So here they are to date….

Andrew’s 1st birthday

Andrew’s 2nd birthday

Andrew’s 3rd birthday

Andrew’s 4th birthday

This was the first birthday cake that he asked me to make for him, whereas previously I’d done something I thought he’d like. He had enjoyed his Thunderbird 3 so much when he was 3!

Andrew’s 5th birthday

He requested a train that looks like the cross country ones he used to see at Birmingham New Street.

Andrew’s 6th birthday

He requested a Go Jetters cake as it was his favourite TV programme at the time. I’d always wanted to do a layered rainbow sponge and it went well with the GJ theme.

Joel’s 1st birthday

Joel’s 2nd birthday

Joel’s 3rd birthday

At the time he was fascinated by the building site down the road that we passed on our way to and from school with Andrew every day.

Joel’s 4th birthday

He was so sad to leave the beach on our last day of holiday in August, so we talked about how I could make a beach cake for his birthday in October to look forward to and remember our holiday.

Joel’s 5th  birthday

For his first birthday party with friends from school, he decided that he wanted a café theme, because playing cafés was his favourite role play game at the time.

I’m looking forward to making three or four cakes each year from now on!

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