34 weeks – name decisions and rainbows

It’s been another uneventful week really. I have a little spiel prepared for when people ask me how long I’ve got to go, which happens a lot as the bump is so huge! Not that we know exactly how long there is left, and I’m very grateful to have got to the start of 35 weeks, because whenever they are born now, they should be big and strong enough to not need much (if any) special care.

34 weeks
Twin rainbows

I’ve become famous at the local swimming pool, where I’m keen to do some gentle non-weight-bearing exercise to keep me moving whilst I feel so big – the staff refer to me affectionately as the twins lady. Mums in the school playground and at toddler groups seem impressed that I’m still going, but life has to go on with older children. That’s not to say I’m not resting loads too though, it’s still a balancing act to get the rest to activity ratio right.

This week Tom and I had a recap on the list of names we’d come up with as possibilities a couple of months ago. During each pregnancy with the boys, we decided on a boy’s name and a girl’s name (first and middle name for each) and said that unless we really felt it wasn’t right when they were born, that’s what we’d use. And so we did. We decided not to tell anyone our girl option, in case we wanted to use it in future. This time we started trying to decide on various combinations of names, but quickly came to the conclusion that it was actually quite tricky – there are so many factors to take into account this time. For example, they’ve got to sound good as a pair, they’ve got to go with the boys’ names as a four, they’ve got to suit our surname, we both have to agree on them (and although we have similar ideas of what we like, we don’t always totally agree on individual names).

So instead we thought it best to wait until after they are born, and at least then we’ll know their sex, before making decisions. This cuts down on the possible combinations that we have to prepare in advance. It also seems much more laid back than we were previously! We do have a list of boy names and a list of girl names to work from, so it won’t all be from scratch. They are stored on Tom’s phone, so we’ll definitely have them in hospital with us. Basically, don’t expect our first announcement to contain names, these will probably follow a few days later. They will still be known as Thing 1 and Thing 2 for a while outside the womb.

To finish, I thought I’d just write a bit about rainbows. As you probably know if you follow the blog or are friends with me on Facebook, these twins will be born following the miscarriage I had in July last year. The term “rainbow baby” is now popular for a baby born after a previous loss. The idea is that the new baby is a bright and positive thing to happen after the pain and difficulty of the storm. It doesn’t mean the rain has gone completely, but it does offer a glimpse of hope for the future. As a Christian, a rainbow also symbolises to me God’s promise that he will never leave us through difficult times. In the Bible, we read how a rainbow was given in the sky to Noah and family after the great flood, as a sign of God keeping his covenant, or promise, with His people that He would never again send such devastation in response to their turning away from Him.

Twin rainbows

Last year was really hard for us, and I still get upset writing about our baby whom we never got to meet, but when I think of these two rainbow babies, I trust that God has a plan far bigger than I can ever understand, and that He is always with us, in the hard and the happy times. I don’t often see double rainbows in the sky in this country, but I did see one in the week I did a test for this pregnancy. I was sat watching Andrew’s tennis lesson, the nausea had just started a few days before and I was beginning to wonder if I was pregnant again. The kids playing tennis pointed to the sky behind where I was sat, so I looked around and saw an amazingly clear double rainbow. In hindsight this was a brilliant sign, though it was only weeks later that I saw the significance of double! I didn’t get chance to take a photo, because soon afterwards it started pouring with rain, so we all had to gather inside the club hut to keep dry. I did, however, get to take a photo of the other double rainbow that I’ve seen in this pregnancy – this one was in the second trimester when we knew about the twins. It was a lovely reminder, on a difficult day when I was lying feeling very sick and tired on the sofa, that this will all be worth it. And that’s something I have to remind myself of quite often as the weeks go on and I get more fed up of feeling sick.

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