33 weeks – writing a birth “plan”

There’s not been much to report this week. As I wrote at the end of last week, I’m trying to get the right balance between resting and keeping active.

33 weeks

I am getting lots of comments from people I see regularly saying how well I look and how big the bump is getting. I don’t feel particularly well but glad I come across as not looking as rough as I feel. I do feel like my body is very out of proportion with the bump being all at the front – people say I don’t look pregnant from the back. It’s hard to believe it will get any bigger, like how is that physically possible?! But I have seen photos of twin mums who got to 39/40 weeks whose bodies look like they are defying the laws of physics by not just toppling forward. It must be a huge strain on the back, though I don’t have any pain there, yet.

My hospital bag is now completely packed and ready to go whenever. I think we have everything sorted at home, and we have car seats sorted to bring them home in. We got some lovely new hand knitted cardigans this week from Tom’s aunt in very small sizes, so those have gone into the hospital bag. I’m not convinced they need to be wrapped up loads in the boiling hospital, especially in May/June, but better to have them in case any staff insist. I’d rather do skin to skin with them for temperature regulation, but I guess this may be harder with twins if they have different needs.

The one thing that I’d still like to get but haven’t actually bought yet is two sets of milestone cards. I’ve become aware of these since the boys were born, and I think they’re a great idea to easily record developmental and age milestones with a photo. So for example, at 1 month old you take a photo of the babies with a card saying “I’m one month old today”, and then I can go back later and make an album easily without having to remember how old they were on a particular date. I was going to get a twin set – they say “we are….” instead of “I am….” – but actually I’ve decided that two sets in different colours will be better, in case the twins are difficult to tell apart, particularly if they are identical or just look very similar as babies. When we look back at the photos we will definitely have a way to tell who’s who if we assign them a colour of card from the start. I’ve heard some twin mums say that they can’t always tell who’s who in early photos! There are some lovely sets of cards on Etsy, I just need to decide which ones to get.

After the chat I had with a consultant about birth options last week, I decided to write a birth “plan”. I wasn’t sure whether to do this because I’m not entirely convinced that the word “plan” can be used next to the word “birth” – there are so many permutations of what could happen that it’s pretty impossible to predict entirely how it will happen. However, having read the Positive Birth Book, Milli (the author) convinced me that it is worth doing and showing to your care providers. She actually says it’s more like “birth plans”, so A and B, and even C, D, E etc. A is how your perfect birth would go, the others are contingency plans. I see it more like a list of desirable points, which express my general wishes for how I and the babies are to be treated, as far as possible depending on the circumstances we find ourselves in. I’ve written a list of desirable points for option A – vaginal birth, and for option B – c-section. I’ve also been through it with Tom, though he knew most of it already, so he can be ready to advocate for me/us if necessary. It will be interesting to see if the babies have turned to be head down by the next scan in a couple of weeks, if they haven’t arrived by then anyway!

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