31 weeks – keeping as fit as possible

This week there’s little to report in terms of pregnancy; the main event has been Andrew’s operation to remove his adenoids and insert some grommets. We spent the day in hospital, and thankfully all went well so he was discharged in the evening.

31 weeks

I wasn’t sure how I would feel spending all day in hospital, though admittedly the children’s hospital instead of the women’s hospital, so Tom took the day off work to come with us too, whilst Granny and Grandad looked after Joel and taxied for us. The day turned out to be easier than I thought it would be on pregnant me. It was quite a pleasant day-case ward, and we were able to walk around as well as sit down on hard or soft chairs. We’d taken plenty of drink and snacks to nibble on, and we managed to get some fresh air whilst Andrew was in theatre. I went to bed not long after we got in as I suddenly felt exhausted once it was all over, and the next day I was really tired, but I’m glad I was able to be there with him the whole time. Tom was the one who actually went into the anaesthetic room with him – I thought I might cry or faint or something at that, which wouldn’t have been good for Andrew, who in the end was far more unfazed by it than I was! Probably partly my hormones, as well as the fact I’m not great with hospitals, though I’m getting better with all the exposure recently.

As this week was the first week back to school and toddler groups after the holidays, I’ve had quite a few people who we haven’t seen for a few weeks ask how long I’ve got left and how things are going. I usually respond with “I’m just plodding on, literally!” It’s definitely got to a point where I feel huge, even though lots of others still think I look “neat” for twins. Sitting down is pretty uncomfortable now, because I find the bump squishes my internal bits – you know, like lungs, stomach, intestines and other organs vital to life. So I’m generally lying down on the sofa or sitting on my birth ball which gives me a good position. I’m also trying to do quite a bit of time on all fours, with support from the birth ball.

I’m still managing to walk places as much as I can, carrying on with our normal routines like the daily school runs, the daily post office run and going to a couple of toddler groups in the week. This isn’t uncomfortable yet, though I’m a bit slower. I’ve been swimming once a week for the past month or so, and I find this a lovely way to keep moving whilst feeling weightless. The only slight issue is I don’t think my maternity costume (which I used lots when pregnant with the boys) will fit me much longer! But it seems a bit expensive to buy a new one for the sake of potentially only a few weeks, so I’m hoping to eek it out longer. I’m also doing my pregnancy yoga DVD about once a week, to help with breathing techniques and good positions for my hips and back in particular. Hopefully all this will keep me as fit as possible when carrying twins late in pregnancy.

I wrote last week about starting iron tablets because my last blood tests had shown I’m anaemic, though I don’t feel particularly different from how I have throughout pregnancy. I’m pleased that the tablets don’t seem to be having any adverse side effects on me, like nausea (which is no worse than usual), so this is positive. It will be interesting to see how my haemoglobin level is next week at my 32 week scan and clinic appointment.

I’m looking forward to seeing the babies again next week at the scan, and I’m hoping they are now in a good position for a vaginal birth. I think however they are positioned the doctor I see will want to start discussing birth options, so we will see what comes of that.


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