26 weeks – glucose tolerance test

This week has been fairly quiet again in terms of pregnancy – not much to report. I’m still feeling pretty much the same, with no major changes.

26 weeks

I’ve been doing some pregnancy yoga once a week using a DVD that I bought. I found this helped me relax, learn breathing techniques and keep my hips and back as comfortable as possible in previous pregnancies. I’ve also been trying to spend time on all fours and doing some gentle hip rocking, concentrating on this specific yoga position, because it should be helpful in trying to get the twins to turn to be head down. I think one of them has moved, because I am getting some higher up kicks nearer my ribs instead of lower down nearer my hips. But I think it’s probably twin 2, which is less helpful than twin 1 being head down, as this needs to happen for the doctors to allow me to have a vaginal birth. There’s still time yet, but I’m hoping to try and get them to be head down soon!

I actually spent more time at the children’s hospital than the women’s hospital this week. We had a follow up appointment with the ENT consultant about Andrew’s repeatedly failed hearing tests and constant snot throughout over half the year for the past two years. The doctor suggested that now was a good time to remove his adenoids and put some grommets in. I asked what sort of timescale we’re looking at, and he said early May. I told him I’m due to have twins at the end of May, so he said they’d do their best to give us as early a date as possible. We’ve just had an offer of the last week of April, which I’m really pleased about! This should give us a fair amount of time before the twins are born, unless they come very early.

I did spend a few hours at the women’s hospital on Friday morning for my glucose tolerance test, to check if I have gestational diabetes. I automatically have one of these in pregnancy because my dad is a type 1(.5) diabetic, which means I have a risk factor. This time I have the added risk factor of a multiple pregnancy, though no others such as being overweight, having previous big babies or being of certain ethnicities. I also had a small trace of glucose in my urine at my last clinic appointment, though the consultant said this was entirely normal for this gestation of twins and wasn’t an indication of gestational diabetes in itself, but simply that my kidneys could be a bit leaky with the extra pressure they are under at the moment. In my previous pregnancies the test was negative. This time, if I hear nothing by 5pm on Monday, I don’t have gestational diabetes, but if I do, then I will get a call from the diabetes specialist midwife to discuss how they will treat me.

I don’t really want to have to change my diet as it’s already pretty limited to bland foods, though I do eat a lot of protein, and carbs would be fairly easy to cut down, particularly as I don’t feel like eating sweet things anyway. But of course I will if I need to, and we are on the homeward straight now, so it’s not like doing it for the whole pregnancy.

The test itself was pretty challenging for me due to the nausea. I usually have to eat something soon after getting up, to keep the sickness at bay, but I had to fast from 9pm the night before until I was given a glucose drink at 9am, just after the nurse took my first blood sample. I didn’t feel great, but I survived, and the drink wasn’t as sickly as I thought it would be – it was quite a long drink, so I guess fairly weak with that amount of liquid, more like weak squash in consistency than the stickiness of coke or lucozade which I can’t stand at the best of times! I had to wait in a waiting room for 2 hours until my next blood sample, and that was just about OK until the last half hour which I found really hard with feeling sick. But I gritted my teeth and was determined to keep it down, because it would have been a total waste of time if I’d have thrown the drink back up. I think the usual hospital adrenaline rush (which sends my BP up – I even checked that my home machine got a high reading there!) kept me going, and then I felt the relief from that when I got home (my BP was back down to normal). At least I was able to eat a few savoury snacks later in the day.

So now it’s just a case of wait and see what happens with the result next week.

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