17 weeks – a positive week

This week has been much more relaxed and positive than last. I haven’t had any contact with any health professionals and it’s been great just getting on with normal life.

17 weeks

I still don’t have loads of energy and the nausea gets worse if I try and do too much, so I’m resting as much as possible to keep the vomiting at bay. I still go to bed just after Tom gets in, but I have been able to stay awake a little longer and do some reading. I have also been able to take Joel to a couple of toddler groups like we used to before the hyperemesis hit, and small amounts of work have been possible and enjoyable for me whilst he’s at nursery. Getting out of the house and doing some sewing have really lifted my mood.

I should also mention that I have of course been monitoring my own blood pressure, and it’s been fine, on the low side. I still feel faint quite often, but I’ve learned a few ways to cope with this, such as not taking my morning tablet until school run time, so that by the time it has an effect on me I’m back home.  I decided this after I almost fainted on the way back from school one day having taken the tablet at 7.15am – stopping, crouching down and sticking my head between my knees multiple times by the side of the road is not an experience I want to repeat!

Another reason I’ve been feeling more positive is that we’ve bought a few bits for the babies. Aldi have a baby event on, so Tom bought a few small size clothes – we’d checked our stock of clothes from the boys’ baby days and we hardly have any newborn or 0-3m, probably because we didn’t need many with them being born average weight, long and lean. It’s highly likely that the twins will be born smaller and earlier.

I’ve also been browsing preloved woven wrap (sling) groups on Facebook for a while, waiting until my kind of thing in the right size(s) comes up. One such wrap caught my eye this week, at a good price because it had a few pulls that I’m willing and able to fix myself (handy part of my job 😉 ). So I took the plunge and bought our first wrap of the twins’ stash – a Firespiral twilight anemone tourbillion in a size (short) 6. The colours are very me, it’s the right size for single carries as a newborn and tandem carries when they’re a bit older, it’s a staple wrap being 100% cotton and gorgeously soft, and it’s made by a fabulous small British business which weaves and finishes its wraps in this county. I’ve had a quick go with a weighted teddy but I’m looking forward to using it with real babies!

I’m still keeping my eye out for a longer wrap (size 7 or 8), probably a slightly thinner one and a linen blend, which will be nice and cool for the summer when tandem wrapping newborns. This is one useful thing to be doing online whilst I’m resting. I’m not planning on getting a double pram/buggy suitable from birth – we will start with wraps and if I feel a single pram/buggy would be handy to have the option of one in each, we will sort that out once they are born.

anemone wrap

I hope next week will be as good as this one was 🙂


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