Activity play – wot so funee?

Gone are the days that I have time to blog loads of funees from every week. But as we’ve had an early morning, I thought I’d blog one from each boy that we’ve had a giggle at this week…..

Andrew is looking forward to Christmas already. The build up has started at nursery, and he’s getting very involved in the festivities. Every day that he goes, he comes home and tells us all about which songs he’s been learning, and even gives us a quick rendition at the dinner table. These songs are all for the play that they’ll be putting on the week before Christmas. It’s one of the traditional plays for the time of year, where the children act out the happenings of the first Christmas – Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, animals, stable, shepherds, angels – you know what I mean. In Andrew’s mind they are practising the “activity play”. No matter how many times I say that it’s actually a nativity play, he insists on calling it the activity play. So this is what it shall henceforth be called in our house!

Joel’s best funee from this week also involves singing. Both boys are very into singing, and their musical Daddy says they are very good at it (I know, he’s biased). Joel still doesn’t say much, but he makes himself understood, and one day this week he made himself quite clear through the medium of song. He was getting under my feet in the kitchen while I was trying to make some lunch for us all, so Daddy decided to take him upstairs to the living room and let him watch a DVD for 5 minutes (that’s about as long as he’ll watch anything for). On the way up, Daddy asked him what he’d like to watch, not really expecting a reply, but it was something to say when Joel wasn’t too happy about being removed from the kitchen. However, Joel immediately started singing (in la-la-las) the Fireman Sam theme tune. Daddy put that on, asked him if that was what he wanted, and Joel let out a big resounding YES! Who says I need to talk?!

Wot So Funee?

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