Doughnuts at nursery – wot so funee?

I realised recently that i haven’t written a wot so funee? post for a few weeks. Life got busy with the move and the business getting busier by the week. Althoughh blogging may be on the back burner, I still want to keep a record of our lives on it, and that includes the funny things that the boys say, because language is something that really interests me and I want to look back on their language development one day and smile 🙂 So here are just few of the funees that I’ve collected over recent weeks….

When I was cutting Andrew’s finger nails one day, he insisted that I hadn’t finished when I thought I had. We counted the 10 fingers and I showed him that I’d cut the nail on all of them. “No, Mummy…. and my foot nails!” How wrong I was! It’s logical to call them foot nails, but it made me giggle.

One day (OK, it’s most days) Joel was annoying Andrew when they were playing in their bedroom/play room. “Go outside at mediately!” said Andrew. No that’s not autocorrect on my post, that’s ‘at mediately’ for ‘immediately’. He said this several times, with a crescendo at each repetition of the command. Joel didn’t take any notice of him, so in the end Andrew shrugged his shoulders and quietly said “OK, I’ll go outside then” as he walked off into the garden. If you can’t get rid of little brother, remove yourself from the room instead – it makes sense.

Andrew has recently started nursery (preschool). He goes 2 afternoons and 1 morning; in the afternoons he gets a snack at about 3.30pm. Whenever I ask him what he had, his answer has been things like cheese and crackers, fruit, salad, humous and dips with flat bread etc. The following was an interesting conversation I had with him yesterday after preschool…

Me: So, Andrew, did you have a nice snack at preschool today?

Andrew: YES! We had doughnuts!

M: Doughnuts?! [I mean I don’t mind him having the odd treat, but it seemed odd when other days there were much healthier options]

A: Yes they were round with a hole in.

M: Ah, so ring doughnuts? So they didn’t have anything in them, like jam.

A: No we had a spread on top of them.

M: Right…. what flavour was the spread? 

A: It was cheesy, very yummy.

M: Aha…. were they not bagels Andrew, with cream cheese on?

A: Ah yes, they were bagels, but they looked like doughnuts cut up.

M: Great!

So it turns out I won’t be needing to mention the nutritional content of snacks to his key worker after all. Phew!

I hope to write up more funees that I have saved in the notes on my phone soon!

Wot So Funee?

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  1. Ha ha, it’s a good job you didn’t complain about doughnuts for lunch!

    Thanks so much for linking to #WotSoFunee and sorry for the late comment.

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