Fighting arrows – wot so funee?

A while ago in a wot so funee? post I shared how Andrew kept going on about “fighting arrows at Grandma and Pop’s house”. I had no idea what he was talking about, until one day we were in the 99p shop with Granny, who had said that each boy could have £1 to choose a toy to buy. Andrew’s eye was obviously drawn to a toy darts set (the kind with velcro on the end of the darts that sticks to the fuzzy dart board). He suddenly shouted: “Look it’s fighting arrows!”, so Granny and I asked him what it was that he was calling fighting arrows and he picked up this darts set. Mystery solved! Apparently Grandma and Pop’s shed had one of these in, among all the toys that once belonged to Daddy and his siblings. Who knew? Andrew did, with his amazing memory for these things!

When we got home that afternoon, all he wanted to do was play with his fighting arrows set. (Which, by the way, I think he has named it because of Disney’s Robin Hood that he’s been watching recently – darts look a bit like arrows that Robin fights with don’t they?!) Granny was very good and played quite a bit with him, and I had some goes too. Once Joel was awake again he wanted to join in, but Andrew was less keen on that. But by the end of the afternoon, Granny and I were tired and hot and when he asked us for the umpteenth time if we could play fighting arrows, our response was that we didn’t have any energy left. So when Grandad walked through the door, this is what he was greeted with: “Grandad, Have you got some energy to do fighting arrows with me?”

And the next day we got another fighting arrows related funee…. When he was talking to Granny and Grandad about his fighting arrows, he decided that he’d bought the set in the “99 pounds shop”. It was worth 99p for the entertainment it’s provided, but probably not £99. I think that’s as far as I can string out the fighting arrows funees for this week.

About this time last year, I blogged about our short break in Germany for my birthday. One of the funees that happened whilst we were there was when Andrew thought that my friend’s house there was ‘Germany’. He couldn’t get the concept of a country and that the whole place was Germany, not just that one house, because that was, after all, where we were visiting. He’s done a similar thing recently with a swimming pool that we’ve been going to. We’ve spoken about going to Leamington to swim as that’s where we’ve been going on Thursdays if Granny is off work – Newbold Comyn swimming pool. Recently I picked up a leaflet for summer activities in Warwickshire, and he was looking through it and saw a picture of Newbold Comyn pool. He immediately recognised it and exclaimed: “That’s Leamington!” Clearly to him the pool is Leamington.

Here are a couple of foodie funees from recently. We’d bought two of those tubs of mini cakes (brownies/gingerbread men/cornflake cakes etc.) that are always on some 2 for £X offer in most supermarkets. When it came to pudding time after tea I said that the boys could have one or two of these mini bites once they’d finished their fruit. Andrew asked if he could have some “fat jacks”. I guess flapjacks could make you fat if you eat too many of them.

Another night for pudding, Granny said that there was some custard left over from when we’d had apple crumble at the weekend, so we could chop some banana into it for the boys to make banana custard (my idea of dessert hell!) That was met with great pleasure, so Granny went in to the kitchen to bring it out. When she was gone Andrew said how much he was looking forward to his “banana mustard”. Even worse than my idea of dessert hell!

English can be confusing with all its homonyms. As Andrew discovered again when he was watching some Commonwealth Games swimming with Granny one evening this week. There was a Welsh swimmer in the pool, and Granny said she was cheering her on because she was the only Brit in the pool at the time. She said to Andrew that he could cheer ‘Come on Wales!’ if he wanted to. After looking slightly confused he carried on watching and a little later came out with: “I might see a whale in there in a minute!” Water, whales, Wales: all a bit confusing for a 3 year old!

Andrew is very good at coming up with names for things based on what they do or look like. One recently that made me laugh was his name for the gardeners who come and mow Granny and Grandad’s lawn every coupe of weeks. He looked out just after they had finished and squealed with delight: “Look! The lawn mowers have been, and now they’re finished so I can go outside again!” He was definitely referring to the people (a Dad and daughter team) because they only actually have one mower between them.

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  1. I can so see why he confused the Wales with whales, especially with the water. I’m relieved that his darts set was only 99p, £99 would be a whole lot more. My favourite this week is the banana mustard and fat jacks though; priceless. Thank you for linking up

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