Where’s Fred? – wot so funee?

I’ve got quite a few wot so funee? moments stored up to tell, but just not had the time to sit down and write them with everything going on. Less than 3 weeks until we move now, and my business is still keeping me very busy. But here are one of the best ones that I managed to jot down in my phone as they came up…

Granny and Grandad took the boys to the restaurant with the big yellow ‘M’ for the first time in their lives a few weeks ago. We were over at the new house, and part of their treat whilst being looked after by the grandparents was to experience a cooked breakfast there. That in itself isn’t particularly funny, but ever since, when we’ve been out and about in the car and driver past a restaurant that has a big yellow ‘M’ outside, this is Andrew’s reaction: “Look Mummy, there’s another Old MacDonalds!” All together now… E-I-E-I-Ooooh! We go past about 4 on our way from Coventry to Bournville, and don’t I know it now!

Treats like MacDonalds are the reserve of grandparents; when he’s with us he always gets meals at home, such as the pasta that I cooked the other day that ended up with a thread in it on Andrew’s plate (probably dropped off my clothes when I was cooking – hazard of the job 😉 ). As I looked down at his plate once it was on the table and saw the thread there, this is how the conversation went on:

Me: Ah sorry Andrew, there’s a thread on your food, that’s no good [tries to take it off]

Andrew: What?! Where’s Fred?! I can’t see him! [looks around for Fred]

As he’s a young Brit, it’s essential that Andrew learns to take an interest in the weather. He’s become very interested in looking at the app on my phone with me in the morning, when I check the likely meteorological state for the day. Generally there has been a lot of sun and just white clouds on it recently when we have checked. One day we were flicking through it and Andrew was commenting at what the weather was going to be like based on the symbols that he saw: “That day’s sunny, that day’s cloudy, and that day’s….erm….moony!” That ‘day’ would be a ‘night’ Andrew, hence the moon symbol!

There was one rain shower the other day though when we were over at Bournvillle Park having dropped off some more supplies to the decorator at the new house. We’d had a good play at the park already, so I suggested that we go and pay Daddy a visit at work up the road because his colleagues haven’t met us yet and they kept saying they would like to (goodness knows why they wanted 2 boys rampaging around the office!) This was Andrew’s response to my suggestion: “Ah yes, that’s a good idea, because there’s a roof on Daddy’s work so we can’t get wet there!” Very true, the University of Birmingham is a fab employer, they even provide a roof to work under – luxury!

Another morning I asked Andrew where he wanted to go. Some days we go to specific groups, but other days we don’t make plans too far ahead and just go to the park or soft play or shopping depending on what we’re in the mood for. And this was one of those days when we didn’t have anything specific planned. Andrew’s reply to my question was: “I want to go to the park that I ordered for today!” He’s quite into ‘ordering’ things; he also talks about what he’d like to “order for lunch/tea” most days, even if we’re just at home. I feel like a waitress 🙂

Andrew is very good at making a drama out of the smallest bump or knock to his body, especially if Joel was anywhere near him when it occurred. The other day he slipped slightly in the bath and bumped himself a little, nothing major but he was tired and acted like it was the end of the world. Daddy got him out and had a nice wet cuddle, then asked if he wanted to go back in with Joel. He replied in a voice that was still sobbing: “NO! Not until I’ve calmed down!” Which is exactly what we say when he’s crying because wants to do something and we think it would be better to wait until he’s stopped crying before we carry on with it.

And finally for this episode of wot so funee?, an interesting insight into Andrew’s idea of which words can be nouns as well as verbs. The boys often run around with no nappy or pants on when we’re outside in the garden of an afternoon. We have had a couple of incidents where I’ve had to poop-a-scoop just like a dog for Joel, though Andrew is well and truly potty trained now. One day I suddenly heard Andrew shouting “Ooooh, I can stink POO!” Apart from my reaction to immediately find out where it was and isolate them from it, I had to marvel at this interesting use of ‘stink’ as a transitive verb. We can say ‘a stink’ (noun) and ‘you stink’ (intransitive verb) but not ‘I can stink you’ (transitive verb). However, we can say ‘a smell’ (noun) and ‘you smell’ (intransitive verb) AND ‘I can smell you’ (transitive verb). So no wonder it’s confusing for him – stink is just a stronger word for smell, right? So why not use it as a transitive verb too?!

Wot So Funee?

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