Keep Britain Breastfeeding scavenger hunt 2014

I can’t believe another year has passed and it’s nearly time for the annual Keep Britain Breastfeeding scavenger hunt again. I enjoyed the past two years that I’ve taken part in it, and as breastfeeding still seems to be going strong in our household, I’m glad to be back taking part again this year. You can read my posts from previous years here…


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Not only am I blogging about our experience this year, but I’m also taking part as a prize donor – this Sewn Down Purple Lane wet bag that could be used to store cloth breast pads or CSP (or anything else!) is up for grabs as part of the hunt’s prizes. The design woven into the fabric is a chemical diagram of an oxytocin molecule, a very important hormone for breastfeeding and new mums in general.

Oxytocin wet nag for kbbf

I’ll be writing two blog posts over the week of the hunt (Friday 20th to Thursday 26th June) – one on why I chose to breastfeed, and one on my experiences of breastfeeding beyond a year (x2 children). The aim of the hunt is to raise awareness of breastfeeding throughout National Breastfeeding week (the week that the hunt is running). It is NOT about making anyone feel guilty about not breastfeeding – whether a mum chooses to breastfeed or not is her own choice, and one that others shouldn’t judge, everyone has different circumstances, but I believe that this choice should be an informed choice, based on access to correct information on how breastfeeding works and where to turn to find useful and knowledgeable help if things don’t go smoothly. And that is what this hunt is about – lots of mums sharing their own experiences with the view to informing other mums who read them. Mum-to-mum support or peer support is such a big part of many mums’  successful breastfeeding stories.

I’m looking forward to reading lots of other great posts on breastfeeding and hearing all about others’ stories, as well as sharing our own experiences. If you’re interested in breastfeeding, I hope you will join in too.


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2 thoughts on “Keep Britain Breastfeeding scavenger hunt 2014”

  1. Great idea Ruth. I do think that mother’s are given so much different advice sometimes from so many different people (family members and professionals) that it can be quite confusing, and those natural thoughts and feelings mother’s have can get lost amidst all the advice! Parents definitely deserve informed choices! Parents who are not breastfeeding (sometimes for very valid reasons) need to know good information about bottle feeding as well.
    Good luck! 🙂 xx

    1. absolutely. It’s very confusing, and an informed choice is always better than an uninformed one. I know, it was very hard to figure out safe formula practices when we had to supplement – that info needs to be there for parents too x

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