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At the weekend we had a very special occasion – the boys’ uncle and aunt (Daddy’s brother) got married in a lovely village in rural Suffolk where the bride is from. We had a fantastic day, the boys did very well in their roles – the 2 little ones as page boys and Daddy as best man – and it was a really lovely opportunity to catch up with family whom we know and meet those whom we didn’t know already.

The wedding itself was on the Saturday, and then on the Sunday we decided to head to the coast, only 10 miles away, to Southwold. Most of our immediate family were either heading back on a long journey straight away, or going to the church service, but as the boys had already sat brilliantly through one service the day before, we thought that a trip to the beach would be better for them. We too didn’t have masses of time before the journey home, but enough to have a paddle and a walk along the pier.

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When we got there just before 10am, there were hardly any cars in the car park and the place seemed quite empty. We parked right behind the row of beach huts, the iconic feature of this region of English sea side. As we walked to the end of the row, we saw the steps to get down onto the beach, not that there was a slot of beach at that point because it was high tide, but there were only a few other people there so we still had lots of space to ourselves. We took off shoes and had a little paddle. The water was cold but it was such a nice warm day that we didn’t mind. The boys enjoyed letting the waves chase them up the beach as they crashed in, though Joel was less sure about getting wet than Andrew was.

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Both boys were most interested in throwing pebbles into the water, or sometimes more like big rocks compared to their size! Both have a pretty good throw on them, better than mine I’d say. It was lovely to be able to run about on the sand, an experience that they don’t get very often living nowhere near the seaside. Daddy doesn’t get as excited about visiting the beach as I do, because he grew up with a sea view from his bedroom window, and I think the boys will be like me in this respect.

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After we’d finished having fun on the beach, we headed over to the pier and walked along the length of it. The whole town and especially the pier had a very classy and not at all tacky appearance, which is what I tend to associate with piers and traditional British seaside resorts. The pier was very tastefully done, with a cafe and a couple of shops along the length. There was a weird clock halfway along it, which was once a temporary exhibit somewhere but now lives here permanently. It’s driven by water and does a little ‘performance’ on the half hour and hour. Andrew thought this was hilarious. We stopped and had a drink at the cafe, and sat on an ingeniously designed bench that acted as a wind break from the fairly strong wind that was blowing across the pier.

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After our refreshment break, we walked back along the pier and crossed the road to the park. Unfortunately the playground equipment there was a little old for our boys, so we just walked on a bit further and watched the boats on the boating lake for a little while. That was about as much time as we could spend as we had to head back home which was a good 3-4 hour drive with a stop. We very much enjoyed our little trip to the seaside, and were so pleased that the weather was lovely enough to have a good walk and play on the beach.

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16 thoughts on “Southwold – #CountryKids”

  1. Such a lovely part of the world – I grew up just over the border in Norfolk. I haven’t been to Southwold in years so must take the kiddies down on our next trip ‘back home’. The pier looks lovely 🙂

    1. It definitely looks like a lovely area. I was born not far from there, but only lived there for 18 months before my parents and I moved back to the midlands. Until I married someone from coastal Devon, I hadn’t been to the seaside much!

    1. Yes it was lovely. The wedding was inland a bit the day before but still a lovely setting

  2. Beautiful photos, looks like you had great weather too! My boys love throwing rocks into the sea (or rivers, puddles, lakes etc!) too 🙂

    1. Boys and their rocks, hey? Any opportunity to chuck them into a body of water and mine are there like a shot! 🙂

    1. It’s lovely, I liked the lack of tackiness that so often comes with the British seaside

    1. The beach huts are lovely, though pricey too I’ve heard! The weather is always a bonus at the british seaside 🙂

    1. Ah that’s good 🙂 I wish we could have stayed longer, but we’ll just have to go back and visit again some time – the bride and groom don’t live there, they live back in coastal Devon where my husband is from and where my in laws live so we go there for our summer holidays!

  3. Such a picturesque place for a wedding and the weather looked great! I’m sure the boys appreciated the visit to the beach before the long drive home – a chance to stretch their legs and gets some fresh air. Thanks for linking up and sharing your fun with Country Kids.

    1. Yes it was definitely worth it for them, and we all enjoyed it even if it was a short trip 🙂 Thanks for hosting!

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