52 photos – week 16

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This week we have a couple of bike photos. Now that Andrew is confidently riding his pedal bike unaided, Joel has inherited Andrew’s old balance bike. Andrew even has a new helmet now, so Joel has his old helmet too. He’s not really got the hang of it yet, but he’s very keen to have a go and doesn’t mind falling to the ground. At least it menas he’s not trying to climb onto the pedal bike! We also went to the Transport Museum in Coventry again this week – they love it there. We hadn’t seen the bike room before as it’s tucked around a corner. But a lady showed us the way because there was a special Easter holiday colouring event on in there. In the middle of this bike room is a penny farthing bike that you can sit on (it’s attached to the floor so you can’t actually go anywhere). It was a little too big for Andrew, but he was keen to have a go – he has remembered the name of these funny bikes with the big front wheel and small back wheel that we have seen at the museum.

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