Awake – word of the week

After last week’s word of the week – shattered – I’m pleased to say that this week I’ve gone for:

Wotw awake

This describes me more than the boys, specially Joel. The good news is that he has been sleeping MUCH better since I blogged the last word of the week. This means that I have felt much more awake in the daytime. Of course I still wouldn’t say I don’t feel tired – my job is to look after 2 very active boys, I’m bound to feel tired running after them – but this was the best word I could think of to describe feeling less utterly exhausted. I guess ‘more awake’ would be more descriptive, but that’s two words 😉 Let’s hope that this continues and we can all get the sleep we need to function well in the day.

What’s your word of the week?

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6 thoughts on “Awake – word of the week”

    1. Definitely! I wouldn’t want awake to be my word for the nights, that’s what it was last week 😉

  1. Great that you’ve been able to get more sleep. It makes such a huge difference to everything. Long may it continue, good luck. And with that, I really should think about getting myself to bed early for once!

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